Thursday 8 June 2023

Lamassu - Made Of Dust (Album Review)

Release Date: June 21st 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Made Of Dust: Tracklisting

1.Battle Cry 

2.Washed Away 

3.Shit Town, Misery

4.Interlude I

5.The Fog

6.Sorrow of the Children

7.Something Else

8.Made of Dust

9.Interlude II

10.White Pills

11.Tin Man


Chris Fisher

Matt Dawkins

Nick Rad

Al Cooke


Made Of Dust is the new album from Aussie Grunge/Doom/Stoner Metallers Lamassu who offer a more Progressive style of their Grunge based Doom/Stoner Metal sound. The cues from Soundgarden and Alice In Chains are there to be heard but there's a bleak Post-Doom/Post-Metal creative sensibility to their music which works superbly well for the more Sombre and Downbeat parts of the album. You feel this dark atmosphere on the stunning opening track Battle Cry which opts for a slow-to-mid pace that allows Lamassu to build up the steady Grunge rhythm with the eerie vocals that have a slightly Layne Staley and Chris Cornell element to them. 

Battle Cry moves confidently between the different styles and sounds that the Doom/Stoner Metal world offers but there's a classic 90's Hard Rock and Alt-Metal element that gives way to a gloomier style of Fuzz based Sludgy guitars. The sound is quite melodic with a powerful metallic tone which can offer a few euphoric uplifting moments along the way. 

Second song Washed Away continues with the slow-to-mid pace delivery with Lamassu offering a more Psychedelic sound that allows the band to play a more aggressive and riff based track. The vocals remain constantly focused with a more essential drive. With the music moving into heavier themes with the music merging into a more Doom Rock/Metal opus, Lamassu still offer moments of muscular Grunge/Stoner Metal grooves with the band feeling inspired by Soundgarden classic album Superunknown in parts.

Third track Shit Town, Misery is more of a straight up Doom Metal number with the bleak lyrics and vocal delivery Lamassu adapted for this track. The song is brutally honest with the lyrics and it feels like the gloomiest track on the album. The vocals go through multiple different styles which work efficiently well with the classic Grunge undergrooves that Lamassu use for the majority of this track. The sounds are wonderfully epic and low-key in places but it allows this track to have a more timeless feel to it.

Fourth song Interlude I is a thirty second instrumental song that is a very cool little Sludge melody which quickly departs as soon as it arrives but at least the band didn't opt for an out of place acoustic song. As that would have killed the mood.

Fifth song The Fog is where Lamassu starts to explore new creative themes with a Post-Stoner and Space Rock attitude starting to emerge. The song opens with a lush sounding Ambient driven Groove with the sublime vocals yet again being more cautious. Post-Rock is another added bonus for this track. The song has a more Alternative approach which moves into heavier areas of Doom/Stoner Metal. The sound has a transcendent feeling even with the Grunge aspect being the most dominant force here. This is one of the standout tracks on the album with the lyrics having a sombre and organic feeling. Shades of PALLBEARER can be heard and felt here on this track especially on the more mellower parts of the track.

The second half of the album sees Lamassu become that ever little bit more daring with their music. As they adopt a more "Progressive'' feel to their music. Evidence of this appears early on within the sixth track Sorrow Of The Children. The music drifts into more haunting areas of Doom/Grunge/Stoner vibes. The band are more cautious at first with their low-key creative style slowly building into heavier areas of Hard Rock/Metal. The sound is quite CINEMATIC in places with the Spaced Out grooves brilliantly holding everything together.

The album continues that creative and tonal shift on tracks such as Something Else, Made Of Dust, White Pills and Tin Man. However, Lamassu still allow themselves the opportunity to try new creative ideas along the way especially on Something Else, White Pills and Tin Man.

Made Of Dust is a multi-layered and first rate sonic based experience that allows Lamassu to draw in many different areas of music into one wholly attractive sound that remains a constant and engaging presence. The album feels like a GREATEST HITS collection rather than their second full length album. With intense and excellent  production values leading the way, Made Of Dust is an essential album to own if you're a dedicated follower of the Doom, Stoner and Grunge underground scenes.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Billy Goate and LAMASSU for the promo.

Made Of Dust will be available to buy on Digital Download from June 21st 2023 and CD/Vinyl from July 31st July 2023.


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