Friday 23 June 2023

South African Rock Musician and Multi-Instrumentalist Evert Snyman Unveils First Single from Highly Anticipated Covers Album All Killer Filler

Renowned South African rock musician and multi-instrumentalist, Evert Snyman, is set to captivate audiences once again with the release of his first single from an upcoming covers album All Killer Filler which is out on the 28th July 2023 via Mongrel Records. The album features an array of tracks carefully selected from some of Evert's all-time favorite bands and musicians, offering a fresh and dynamic take on the songs.

As a respected figure in the South African music scene, Evert Snyman has consistently pushed the boundaries of rock music with his extraordinary talent and eclectic taste. With a diverse musical background, Snyman has established himself as a master of multiple instruments, seamlessly blending various genres and infusing his own unique style into every performance.

The forthcoming covers album showcases his ability to reimagine and breathe new life into beloved songs. Drawing inspiration from an impressive repertoire of influential musicians, the album promises to delight fans both old and new. Each track has been thoughtfully chosen to pay homage to the artists who have shaped Evert Snyman’s musical journey, while simultaneously showcasing his own creative evolution. Listeners can expect to be enthralled by his dynamic interpretations of iconic songs from artists such as Paul McCartney, Pixies, The Stooges, Mark Lanegan, Tom Waits and Smashing Pumpkins. With each cover, Evert injects his own distinctive style, seamlessly blending his technical prowess with raw emotion.

The debut single Temporary Secretary, originally done by Paul McCartney, is a testament to his creative vision and meticulous attention to detail. With its infectious energy and innovative reinterpretation, Temporary Secretary sets the stage for an album that promises to be a remarkable addition to Evert Snyman's discography.

All-Killer-Filler Tracklisting

1. Search and Destroy (The Stooges)
2. Temporary Secretary (Paul McCartney)
3. I Just Wanna Get Along (The Breeders)
4. Zero (Smashing Pumpkins)
5. Beetlebum (Blur)
6. I Will (The Beatles)
7. Escape – The Piña Colada Song (Rupert Holmes) 
8. Freedom Rock (Frank Black) 
9. The Colour and The Shape (Foo Fighters)
10. Planet Of Sound (Pixies) 
11. When Your Number Isn’t Up (Mark Lanegan)
12. Jesus Gonna Be Here (Tom Waits)

About Evert Snyman

Based in Johannesburg, Evert Snyman has launched and collaborated on various projects, cementing himself as a versatile multi-instrumentalist. Perhaps the most well-known as the guitarist and singer of Pollinator.

Evert’s powerful vocals range from angst-ridden screams to crystal clear melodies that cut through filthy guitars, caveman drums accompanied by the occasional oversaturated keyboard.

He records and produces all his own music from his studio Pariah by himself and also with his band The Aviary (as well as countless other musicians). Snyman has put out 3 albums, the Aviary (2019) Hot Mess (2021) and Pruning In The Dark (2022) released by Mongrel Records.

Evert Snyman also produces other artists, more recently he has worked with Kenny Hughes, Van Kose. He has also worked with Caution Boy, Ruff Majik and The Tazers. Evert has performed or been involved with many bands such as Bombaby, Battlecock, Black Pimp'n Jesus, Mad God, Gay Thing, Swandy, The Deaf Commission, Swandy, Dragon Invasion and Pink Noise to name a few.

He shows no sign of slowing down and he is already working on his next album.

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