Saturday 24 June 2023

MASSASAUGA - The Only Good Wizard Is A Dead Wizard (EP Review)

Release Date: June 14th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: CD/DD

The Only Good Wizard Is A Dead Wizard: Tracklisting

1.Witching Hour 03:54

2.The Only Good Wizard is a Dead Wizard 02:57

3.Interlude (No Peace in the Village) 04:53

4.Don't Be Scared of the Dark 02:58

5.Dungeon Crawler 06:20

6.The Sorcerer's Theme (Bonus Track) 02:46


Conrad Lummus

Adam Stewart


MASSASAUGA is a Doom/Stoner Rock band from Coventry, UK and their debut EP, The Only Good Wizard Is A Dead Wizard allows the record to qualify under the “DOES THIS DOOM” category and it most definitely does. As the band play a different blend of Doom/Stoner Rock with MASSASAUGA focusing on more modern day elements.

The EP is based on the following concept:

“Inspired by the Witch Trials of the 17th century, "The Only Good Wizard is a Dead Wizard" tells a tale of mass hysteria, ritual sacrifice and ancient magic. A series of events transpiring to create a divide between man and mage.”

MASSASAUGA adds a gloomy style of Fuzz and Hard Rock with Thrashier elements appearing on the opening song Witching Hour. I was expecting MASSASAUGA to be a Green Lung clone but I was pleasantly surprised to see MASSASAUGA offer an almost Gothic and Post-Punk vibe to their music with the tone and melody of the song. This is a killer song with eerie vocals, intelligent lyrics and wicked grooves make this one of the standout tracks on the EP.

Second song The Only Good Wizard Is The Dead Wizard is where the Post-Punk element perhaps takes centre stage but MASSASAUGA still remember they’re a Doom/Stoner Metal band first and this allows them to play an assorted and aggressive melody of Thrash based grooves. The production values are solid with a DIY approach which allows MASSASAUGA to try more exciting things with their music.

Third song Interlude (No Peace In The Village) is an instrumental piece that offers a semi-acoustic Doom Rock/Metal take with some freaky Psychedelic beats. This has a vintage 70’s Hard Rock attitude which can be quite jazzy in places. 

Fourth song Don’t Be Scared Of The Dark sees MASSASAUGA return to playing their vintage and freaky blend of Doom Metal. Add a funkier groove and more occult based lyrics then MASSASAUGA offer another one of the EP’s standout tracks. This is perhaps the most “fun” song on the album as the band drew influence from bands such as Sisters Of Mercy and The Cult on this track alone. 

The final two tracks Dungeon Crawler and The Sorcerer’s Theme become more Thrash based yet again but still offering huge amounts of Stoner based grooves with Dungeon Crawler being the most aggressive and heaviest track on the EP.

MASSASAUGA have delivered the goods with The Only Good Wizard Is A Dead Wizard. Taking bold creative risks for a wholly satisfying release that shows a band with huge potential for their future releases. Check this out when you can. It’s seriously that good.

Words by Steve Howe


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