Saturday 10 June 2023

Hex Engine - Other People (Album Review)

Release Date: June 9th 2023. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Other People: Tracklisting

1.Monster 05:37

2.Parasites 06:00

3.Rat Fink 04:33

4.Excuses, Excuses 09:28

5.Meet Your Maker 07:14

6.Omens 05:08

7.Something's Burning 08:04

8.Deja Sku 01:57

9.Fear The Future 13:13


Bob Maloskey

Drew Campbell

Christian Johnson

Ron Atom



Other People is the debut album from Hard Rock/Stoner Metal unit Hex People and it’s a throwback to the classic days of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal with a few modern based sounds being included along the way.. The album does touch upon areas of Doom Rock, Fuzz Rock and Psych Rock. Hex People do have a “RETRO” appeal to their music which shines through in almost every aspect of the album especially with the vocals and good old fashioned grooves.

Inspired by bands such as Led Zepp, Clutch, Black Sabbath and KYUSS. Hex Engine shines the most when they play their high energy 1970’s inspired RAWK ‘N’ ROLL with a more modern DOOMED OUT sound. The music is built on good old fashioned creative values but they do include more modern day sounds when they become a bit more progressive with their music. There’s a lot of wicked 1980’s inspired Guitar solos which you can hear on the opening track of Monster. Shades of Van Halen and Thin Lizzy can be heard on the later stages of the song but it’s mostly of the Classic Stoner Rock variety.

Impressive vocals are heard throughout the album with Hex Engine showcasing a wicked style of songwriting with the lyrics for the majority of the tracks. However, the music is the main draw here with Hex Engine moving between many different styles of music for the bulk of the album. There’s a dynamic Blues Rock groove on Parasites, Rat Fink and Excuses, Excuses. These tracks allow Hex Engine to build a wonderful momentum with the band becoming more melodic and offering a catchy aggressive tone. This is where Hex Engine starts to embrace a more sombre Doom Rock flow to their music which allows the atmosphere to become more STONER based whilst retaining that winning Classic Hard Rock sound.

Hex Engine continues that winning creative drive with more outlandish Progressive themes allowing the band to play the heaviest sounds on the album on songs such as Excuses, Excuses, Meet Your Maker and Omens. There’s a more menacing approach to Hex Engine’s music which can be considered “THRASH” especially on Excuses, Excuses which is one of my favourite tracks on the album. Hex Engine even managed to find a way to include “Post-Stoner” flourishes to their music which gives them more Psychedelic appeal.

The other standout tracks on the album are Meet Your Maker, Something’s Burning and Fear The Future with Hex Engine becoming more progressive and daring with their creative choices especially on the thirteen minute closer Fear The Future. That track is full of epic Psychedelic and Droned Out moments which almost veer into AMPLIFIER DISTORTION territory. The song showcases another different side to Hex Engine. Even when playing the last track on the album, Hex Engine still has the audacity to try something different with their music.

Hex Engine can be too ambitious for its own good at times. However, that doesn’t stop Other People being a wonderfully epic release packed full of different sounds.  Hex Engine have released a winner here. As this is a stunning album that offers brilliant entertainment from start to finish.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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