Tuesday 27 June 2023

Wizard Master - Ablanathanalba (Album Review)

Release Date: July 07th 2023. Record Label: Electric Valley Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

Ablanathanalba: Tracklisting

1.Hell Riders
2.Funeral Boogie
4.Master Of Wizardry
5.We Are Füd
6.Tested By Death


Occult/Doom/Stoner Metallers Wizard Master return with their new album Ablanathanalba which sees the band play a more evil FUZZED UP style of sound compared to their debut album. The album still has the trademark sounds and themes of the modern day Doomed Out Stoner Metal with levels of Distorted Grooves and Twisted Melodies which is built upon trademark sounds from bands such as Black Sabbath, Church Of Misery and Electric Wizard. There's a free-flowing and sinister Psychedelic attitude throughout the album with opening track Hell Riders offering the perfect gateway into Wizard Master's world of Heavy Occult Rock with a killer sideline in gloomy soundbytes and freakish Progressive jams.

The sound of Ablanathanalba is both essentially vintage and modern at the same time where Wizard Master explores a more progressive sounding Psychedelic attitude with sludgy remains of the Occult becoming more frequent towards the later stages of Hell Riders.

Second song Funeral Boogie is opens with a classic sounding Horror theme that quickly changes into folkier atmospherics before that burgeoning Sludgy and creepy groove becomes more Doomed Out Stoner based. The music has a Rock And Roll approach when WIzard Master plays a simpler style of music that retains its sinister edge. The raw production values allows Wizard Master to tap into that area of Gloomy Psychedelic Doom with a slight focus on Blues Rock. The vocals are vintage sounding 70's Proto Doom with small modern Stoner Rock flourishes. The lyrics are freaky, jazzy and soulful which is quite impressive for a Doom/Stoner Metal album such as this. However, most folks will get their most kicks out of the AMPLIFIER DISTORTED and LOW & SLOW based jams.

Third song Acid is a more trippier and fuzzed up song with Wizard Master playing heavier levels of SONIC and FUZZ based distortion on this song. The music moves cautiously along but with always a threatening attitude. The vocals remain yet again fully Occult/Doom based with the music slowly moving between the finer caveats of Sludge Rock and Stoner Metal. The song also has a wicked "STOP/START'' approach which allows the rhythm section to lay down some impressive ear-shattering beats with the Psychedelic guitars being wonderfully "OUT THERE" which builds upto one of the most refreshing aspects of the album.

Wizard Master goes all out with the Occult/Doom Metal aspect on the second half of the album with the gloomiest and heaviest parts yet to appear. The mood is deliciously CHAOTIC with Wizard Master drawing upon Electric Wizard and COUGH at times with a mean Sonic/Fuzz/Psychedelic template to weave more despairing gloomy sounds upon. Especially on tracks such as Master Of Wizardry and Tested By Death. Wizard Master can be more direct here with the music, vocals and lyrics contained within this part of the album.

Ablanathanalba allows Wizard Master to refine their "Power-Trio" way of playing with the band easily becoming one of the best bands within the modern day Underground Doom/Stoner Metal scene playing this style of FUZZED UP DOOM/STONER METAL alongside bands such as 1782, Acid Mammoth, Earthbong and other bands of their ilk.

Ablanathanalba is quite a highly creative album with Wizard Master relying upon progressive sounding techniques compared to their debut album. This all builds up to a more violent and action-packed style of music which leaves the listener fully satisfied from start to finish.

If you imagine that Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats would venture into harsher and more sinister areas of Doom/Stoner Metal then Ablanathanalba are the answer to your SATANIC prayers.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Qabar PR for the promo.

Ablanathanalba will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Electric Valley Records from July 07th 2023.


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