Thursday 22 June 2023

Dorian Shroom - Nothing Is Sacred (Album Review)

Release Date: June 26th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Nothing Is Sacred: Tracklisting

1.Panic Attack 06:33

2.Unknown Love (ft. Etta Soi) 06:33

3.Birdman 05:10

4.Waste No Time 06:02

5.Lightning Bolts 07:53

6.Got Me Rolling 05:52

7.S7eps 05:56


Drums: Andreas Athanasiadis

Vocals: Chris Diamantis

Guitars/Backing Vocals/Programming: Kostas “The Ghoul” Dimakis

Bass/Backing Vocals: Giorgos Melitos

More/Heavier Guitars: Giorgos Tsompanidis


Nothing Is Sacred is the debut album from Greek Hard Rock/Alt-Rock/Stoner Rock crew Dorian Shroom which was released back in June 2022. I missed this album the first time round but I noticed it’s received a ton of great praise within the global Hard Rock/Metal scene. As the band plays primarily 1970’s Hard Rock sounds that focus on the more modern groove than the classical style of RAWK MUSIC. 

Dorian Shroom adds a free-flowing 1990’s Grunge, Alt-Rock and Stoner based sound which allows the band to add a freakier and progressive feel to their music. Strong songwriting appears throughout the album which is perhaps Dorian Shroom’s greatest strength along with their wicked way of playing trippy and surreal Hard Rock grooves.

The vocals from Chris Diamantis move effortlessly from the catchy atmospherics of 70’s Hard Rock to the more aggressive and modern day Metal based approach which you can hear on the excellent opening tracks of Panic Attack, Unknown Love (ft Etta Soi) and Birdman. Dorian Shroom has a soulful appearance on these tracks with some trippy guitars being quite jagged and progressive at the same time.

Dorian Shroom keeps up that creative approach with subtle Blues Rock melodies appearing that remind me of Thin Lizzy before turning into a heavier style of music. Though, there’s a lot more to this album which has too many different sounds to mention here but the strong batch of songs on the album show you why Dorian Shroom received such great praise from fans and critics alike.

Other great tracks to check out are: Waste No Time, Lightning Bolts and  S7eps. 

The production for the album is good for the most part with a few rougher moments appearing but nothing that will disturb your enjoyment of the whole album. 

Overall, Nothing Is Sacred is a damn good album from another killer band from the Greek Underground scene. Check them out and you’ll pleasantly be surprised.

Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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