Monday 26 June 2023

Delco Detention - Come Get It (Album Review)

Release Date: June 22nd 2023. Record Label: Self Released.. Formats: CD/DD

Come Get It: Tracklisting

1.Domagoj Simek Told Me Quitters Never Smoke (feat. Jared Collins & Mike Descoteaux) 05:09

2.Pull Down The Mountain (feat. Kevin McNamara & Mike DiDonato) 03:29

3.Dying Light (feat. Dave Wessell) 03:58

4.Digital Zombie (feat.Kevin McNamara & George Loving) 03:52

5.Earthless Delco (feat. Isaiah Mitchell of Earthless) 05:02

6.Pitch Black Heart (feat. Kevin McNamara) 04:13

7.Slasher (feat. Justin Kerbel of Ransom Child) 05:54

8.Rock N Roll God (feat. Dave Wessell) 04:01

9.I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth (feat. Jessi Maule of Chokesetter) 04:36


Tyler Pomerantz- Guitars and Bass

Adam Pomerantz- Drums

*Isaiah Mitchell - guitar solo

*Mike DiDonato - guitar solo

*George Loving (track 4) & Mike Descoteaux (Track 1) - Bass

*Kevin McNamara, Jared Collins, Justin Kerbel, Dave Wessell, Angelique Zuppo-

*Lyrics and Vocals

*Track 9 (Clutch cover with Jessi Maule of Chokesetter)


Stoner Rock Troublemakers Delco Detention return with their new album Come Get It and it sees the band feature multiple guest artists throughout the album with musicians such as Isaiah Mitchell, Kevin McNamara, Jessi Maue and Mike DeDonato lending their musical and creative talents on various tracks. The album has a more focused sound compared to their releases and the Father & Son duo (Adam and Tyler Pomerantz) are more in tune here. The music is starting to become its own thing with 11 year old Tyler slowly finding his own style of music and holding his own with the multiple guest musicians contained on this album.

Come Get It takes a more Boogie Rock and Blues Rock approach with some Hard Rock/Metal grooves allowing the album to be quite an upbeat and soulful listen. Tyler's love for CLUTCH is never too far away and the record does pay homage to that legendary band. Though, you can hear traces of bands such as Thin Lizzy, ZZ Top and Blue Cheer on the various tracks on the album. Proving that Tyler is improving his musical and creative skills with each subsequent release.

There's a lot more Progressive based flavours on the album with a warped Psychedelic influence heard on tracks such as: Domagoj Sime Told Me Quitters Never Smoke, Pull Down The Mountain and Dying Light, Digital Zombie, Earthless Delco, Slasher and the awesome and rebellious cover of CLUTCH classic I Have The Body Of John Wilkes Booth. These tracks feature the gloomiest vocals and grooves of the album moving further into areas of music such as Doom Metal, NOLA and Southern Rock. 

The first half of the album is perhaps the most entertaining on the album but the whole album is a killer release with richly observed production values that remain to Delco Detention's underground DIY Roots. It's good to see Tyler allowing his good friend George Loving (also 11 years old)  to appear on Bass Guitar for Digital Zombie and puts in a stunning performance to allow the song to have extra weight within the VOLUME department.

I mustn't forget to state how great Adam's drumming performance on the album is. As he's a constant presence with his superb drumming being perhaps the strongest I've heard from him. 

Come Get It is another fantastic and highly entertaining record from Delco Detention. There's not many 11 year old musicians with four acclaimed albums to their name and featuring some of their musical heroes and influences but here we are with another great album from Delco Detention that ranks as their best release to date.

Words by Steve Howe


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