Tuesday 17 August 2021

codeia - to be elevated beyond the crumbling skies (Album Review)

Release Date: July 31st 2021. Record Label: Narshardaa Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

to be elevated beyond the crumbling skies - Tracklisting

1.mercury feathers 28:27

2.DIGITAL ONLY BONUS TRACK: shrouded in feathers (mercury feathers reconstructed by auvikogue) 29:23


Denis S. (Bass, Vocals)

Timo L. (Drums)

Markus L. (Guitars)


to be elevated beyond the crumbling skies” is the new release from German Cinematic Post-Rockers/Post-Metallers codeia and this record sees the band branch out from their earlier releases with mature themes and heavier vocal imagery. With their earlier releases, codeia remained firmly on the Post-Rock landscape to build their Ambient based Doom/Sludge progressive sounds but this sees the band come kicking and screaming into the Sludge/Post-Metal arena. With a Neurosis/ISIS/Cult Of Luna approach being the main style of play for the album.

There’s only one epic almost 29 minute song (mercury feathers) and codeia are experimental throughout with the different guises and styles held on the record. Haunting and equally demanding with a dark groove that journeys throughout almost every part of the “Post-Whatever” style of heavy music. The ambient textures and clean vocals bring a Justin Broadrick or Godflesh attitude to the mix.

The second song shrouded in feathers is a digital bonus only song and remixed, sorry I mean reconstructed by auvikogue. It’s a totally different take from the original song. This version is more Drone, Psych, Ambient and Industrial based. There are no heavy grooves at all. This song really has been deconstructed down to the bare elements of codeia’s sound with auvikogue giving an almost upbeat makeover to the darker original. 

to be elevated beyond the crumbling skies” is a bold, daring and superbly put together release with codeia establishing themselves as one the best upcoming Experimental Post-Metal bands around. 

Words by Steve Howe

to be elevated beyond the crumbling skies” is available to buy on DD/Vinyl via Narshardaa Records now.


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