Wednesday 18 August 2021

Monobrow - A Decorative Piece of Time (Album Review)

Release Date: August 06th 2021. Record Label: Trill Or Be Trilled Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

A Decorative Piece of Time - Tracklisting

1.Epoch (t0) 02:43

2.Argument (w) 08:15

3.Ascension (Ω) 10:17

4.Drag (N1) 07:27

5.Inclination (i) 05:19

6.Eccentricity (e) 09:57


Brian Ahopelto - Drums and Synth

Sam Beydoun - Bass and Synth

Paul Slater - Guitars


A Decorative Piece Of Time is the new album from Canadian Heavy Stoner Rockers Monobrow with this being their first release in 4 years. This time round Monobrow are more wise, world-weary and slightly bitter at the world. The album is a darker affair compared to other Monobrow releases with the band adding glitched out noises and trippy noises to their standard Psych Stoner Rock sound.

The record runs for 45 minutes across 6 songs with Monobrow opening the album up with a Psychedelic/Ambient Post-Stoner song Epoch (t0) that lasts around 3 minutes. It’s a lo-fi and lush sounding affair that opens the album up to hopeful possibilities and that mood lasts for a short time before the stunning second song appears.

Second track Argument (w) is an aggressive affair with heavier elements of Prog Rock, Stoner Metal and even Post-Metal. For the first few moments the song is building upto a level of aggressiveness that we haven’t felt from the band before then it switches back to a more melodic style of music. A moment later then it’s back to the earlier Prog Stoner Rock/Metal sound. The sound is quite jagged, choppy and schizophrenic in places. I dig this “new-found” style of Stoner Rock/Metal from the band. As they bring different musical elements that keeps you on your toes.

The band are working with Mike Bond (Wolf Lane Studios) again which they have done for the last few albums. Now they’ve brought Topon Das on mixed and mastering duties. Yes, folks that Topn Das of FUCK THE FACTS fame. A grindcore legend and mainstay of the Canadian Extreme Metal scene. It could be having Topon on board that Monobrow have an harsher edge to their music and this shows throughout the album. If you’re a fan of earlier Monobrow albums then this is still the same band but just more creative and playing a more experimental style of Psychedelic Stoner Rock/Metal.

The other tracks Ascension (Q), Drag (N1) and Eccentricity (e) are the strongest parts of the album offering a fine mix of old-fashioned Monobrow riffs and their newer experimental sound.  A Decorative Piece of Time perhaps works best when Monobrow focus on their Psychedelic Freakouts and Spaced Out Vibes hidden beneath the Progressive elements of the album. 

A Decorative Piece of Time is either wonderfully strange or strangely wonderful depending which part of the album impresses you the most. There is a lot to get through on this album so I would recommend repeated listens to fully understand it all.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Monobrow and Against PR for the promo. 

A Decorative Piece of Time is available to buy now on DD/Vinyl via Trill or Be Trilled Records.


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