Tuesday 9 February 2016

Youngblood Supercult - High Plains (Album Review)

Release date: February 19th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

High Plains – Tracklisting

Stone Mountain Blues
Before The Dawn
Mind Control
White Nights
Hell Hath No Fury
Black Hawk
Acid Tong
Down 75

Band Members:

Bailey Smith--guitar
Weston Alford--drums
David Merrill--vocals/bass


Youngblood Supercult (YB) new album High Plains is a blues rock inspired Fuzz/Stoner Metal odyssey highly influenced by Black Sabbath and Uncle Acid. The album has a very cool trippy feel as YB create eleven songs drenched in seventies style riffs with a few modern vibes appearing now and again.

Lead vocalist David is on majestic form throughout the album. His vocals are a mix of world weary mysticism and one of knowledge and power. Opening track – Stone Mountain Blues – is a straight forward Blues/Stoner Rock instrumental track that sets up the scene well. The song moves along at a leisurely pace but it shows you the style of music that awaits for you for the next ten songs or so.

Second track – Monolith – sees the band explore their love for Black Sabbath in a big way especially with the fuzz based riffs but YB do have their own style of psychedelic wonder. David’s vocals are very powerful at times as the riffs contain a dreamlike vibe. The lyrics have a slight bleak outlook on life merged with tales of old Americana.

That’s the vibe that I get from the song and most of the album. Lead guitarist – Bailey – creates stunning riffs on the whole album as she a great guitarist. The whole band is fantastic musicians as they keep you entertained throughout. The rhythm section of Westen and Dave on drums and bass respectively add much needed muscle to YB’s music. OK, now back to the music.

Third track – Nomad – is one of standout tracks on the album as YB creates an almost surreal psychedelic trip layered with progressive doom/stoner riffs. David’s superb vocals offer a blend of Classic Doom Metal theatrics with the more modern based Fuzz/Stoner Rock sounds will leave you nodding your head in agreement. Sure the lyrics may not make much sense but who cares when the music is good as this.

Fourth track – Before The Dawn – is an almost occult based Blues Rock offering with the doomy atmosphere being slightly louder than before. David’s vocals are drowned by the constant heavy riffs and it’s a shame as this is perhaps David’s strongest vocal performance on the album. Don’t let that put you off though as this is another great track from YB and it finally proves this band is worth giving a damn about.

The album does contain other great songs you need to check out mainly being – Mind Control, White Nights, Acid Tongue and Down 75. Though I will admit the one song that I have the biggest issue with is Forefather. Musically and vocally, Forefather is the best song on the album. Expertly written riffs and sublime vocals from David. It’s a trippy and wild psychedelic affair. However, it’s the lyrics that I have the biggest issue with. They’re very repetitive and with David singing them over and over again for most of the seven minute run time, the song becomes slightly tiring very quickly. As I said I can’t fault YB’s performance on the song. It’s the lyrics could have done with more work.

Other than that minor complaint YB have created a blues/doom/stoner metal riff-fest you’ll never get bored of. As High Plains is a truly stunning album that’s sure to get them more widely noticed within the Doom/Stoner Metal community. All in all, Youngblood Supercult should be proud of this album as High Plains is a must have record. Plain and simple.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Bailey for the promo. High Plains will be available to buy on CD/DD from February 19th 2016.