Tuesday 16 February 2016

R.I.P. - In The Wind (Album Review)

Release date: March 2016. Label: Totem Cat Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

In The Wind – Tracklisting

1. The Scythe
2. In The wind Part 1
3. Tremble
4. Black Leather
5. Smoke and Lightning
6. In The Wind Part 2
7. The Tombstone
8. Bereaved
9. Brave In The Grave
10. In The Wind Part 3

Band Members:

Fuzz – Vocals
Angel Martinez – Guitar
Jon Mullett – Bass
Willie D – Drums


Have you ever dropped in on your mate’s band rehearsal and opened the door to find them already lost, eyes closed, writhing and spellbound amidst the throws of a fucking sweet jam? Intro track ‘The Scythe’ is sort of like that, but you have stumbled through the door into a vortex in the fourth dimension; a heady haven where drugs are still cool, where the chicks rock a mean bush and where groove is timeless. This particular fucking sweet jam hasn’t stopped to catch a breath since the 70’s and you hope that it will continue to last forever.

In The Wind’ is the impressive output of a reliable and well-oiled, vintage groove machine that relentlessly and unapologetically keeps plugging away as newer models come off the production line, fall apart and die. It is the classic VW Camper that hurtles past some guy standing on the hard shoulder looking furiously into the smoking bonnet of his modern 4x4. It is a record that is completely comfortable with the size of its dick and has nothing to prove.

Hogtied and convulsing in avid delectation, R.I.P drag you right into the epicentre of their fucked up storm as a shrill, melodic voice resounds through the tempest with grave messages of desolation and chaos. Warm tones with more fuzz than Iommi’s upper lip deliver a superb array of solid riffs that will make you want to drink, drive, fight and fuck. All at the same time. It is an assembly of satisfying sounds; from the slow, beastly grooves of ‘In The Wind Part 1’, ‘Black Leather’, ‘Smoke & Lightning’, ‘Bereaved’ and ‘Brave In The Grave’, through the skull swinging, driving force of ‘The Scythe’, ‘Tremble’ and ‘In The Wind Part 2’ to the lulling chill of ‘The Tombstone’ and ‘In The Wind Part 3’.

R.I.P will be touring the Totem Cat Records release across the US this coming spring. If you have the means to be there then be sure not to miss out. This is a diverse collection of mammoth songs that deserves a buzzing crowd that are up for a party.

Words by ThisHairyGuy

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo. In The Wind will be available to buy on DD and Double Vinyl from Totem Cat Records in March 2016.