Tuesday 29 March 2016

THAL - Glitter (Ablum Review)

Release date: April 1st 2016. Label: Voodoo Chamber Records. Format: CD/DD

Glitter – Tracklisting

3.Skin of the Buffalo
4.Bad Intentions
7.Glitter: The Devil's Horn
8.Eat The Sun (Bonus Track - Digital only)


THAL’s debut album Glitter comes off as a heavier version of Truckfighters as they create a similar style of Fuzz/Desert Rock as that great band. THAL start to create their own sound by adding a distorted noise rock vibe to the mix.

Opening track – Apotheosis – sets up the scene for a cool ride of heavy Stoner/Fuzz riffs. The vocals take a few minutes getting used to as they’re very different to the usual style of Fuzz/Stoner Rock bands currently out there. I would say you can detect a slight Punk/Heavy Metal vibe to the vocals. The riffs are the main attraction here as THAL keep things nice and simple which allows the listener to fully enjoy themselves here. THAL don’t offer anything new or original here but what they do offer is highly energetic riffs you will find very hard to resist.

Second track – Vacant – sees THAL create a more vibrant atmosphere compared to the first track. THAL start playing superb progressive guitar solos but the mood remains firmly rooted in classic desert rock/stoner metal territory. It has a slight blues-rock feel towards the end of the song that allows THAL to demonstrate their musical skills.

Third track – Skin Of The Buffalo – is a song I have issues with. It starts off superbly well but then some of the more interesting guitar riffs are drowned out by lesser impressive sounds. Though to THAL’s credit the turn things round quite quickly with the band creating solid riffs to hold your attention. The vocals can be very jarring at times but they get the job done. This track is perhaps one of the weakest songs on the album but it shouldn’t deter you from the overall enjoyment of the album.

Fourth song – Bad Intentions – is perhaps the standout track on the album. An exciting and action packed song packed full of intelligent riffs and lyrics to match. The atmosphere becomes a tad psychedelic as it shows another side to THAL that I’m becoming to enjoy more every time I listen to the album. This song has a rebellious punk based attitude especially with the vocals and lyrical content.

The second half of the album sees THAL add a heavy NOLA sound to the mix especially on the fifth song – Whistleblowers. Fans of cult classic movie – The Big Lewbowski – will find very much to enjoy on the song – Sobchak. All I’m going to say but expect a cool instrumental song that pays homage to that classic movie.

Glitter does have a few flaws but for sheer non-stop stoner metal entertainment, you’ll find this very hard to beat. THAL have created an album they can rightly be proud off. Awesome stuff.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to THAL for the promo. Glitter will be available to buy on CD/DD from 1st April 2016.