Saturday 26 March 2016

Desert Storm/Suns Of Thunder 7inch Split (Single Review)

Release date: April 29th 2016. Label: H42 Records. Format: Vinyl

Desert Storm/Suns Of Thunder 7inch Split Single – Tracklisting

Signals From Beyond
Earn Your Stripes

Desert Storm Members:

Chris White: Guitar
Ryan Cole: Guitar
Chris Benoist: Bass
Elliot Cole: Drums
Matt Ryan: Vocals

Suns Of Thunder Members:

Greg Bombroffe - Vocals&Guitar
Matt Williams - Vocals&Guitar
Chris James - Slappa de Bass
Sam Loring - Drums n percussion


Oxford Stoner Rockers – Desert Storm and Welsh Stoner Riffsters – Suns Of Thunder – have teamed up to release a superb split 7inch single. Desert Storm have recorded an entirely new song whilst Suns Of Thunder have offered a song from their 2015 debut album – Start As You Mean To Get Down.

Desert Storm's song – Signals From Beyond – is classic Desert Storm through and through. Loud grizzled vocals from Matt bring this song fully to life with their familiar style of Stoner Metal drenched in a healthy dose of Blues Rock. This song feels like it was taken from their 2013 album – Horizontal Life. It has the same spaced out vibe from that album. So if you're a fan of that album you'll find much to enjoy here.

Suns Of Thunder song – Earn Your Stripes – is more of a groove/stoner rock kind of song compared to the heavier offering from Desert Storm. Sure I'm disappointed it's not a new song from these guys but when they include one of the standout songs from their debut album then I can easily forgive them. Earn Your Stripes ticks all the right boxes to entertain you for three minutes or so. It has a slight classic rock vibe especially with the vocals but it ends things really well.

H42Records are releasing this 7inch single on vinyl and pre-sales will start on Friday 29th March 2016. If your'e a fan of both bands then you cannot pass this release by. All in all this is a superb 7inch single that will look good in anyone's vinyl collection.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Desert Storm and H42 Records for the promo.

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