Thursday 9 June 2016

Svlphvrvs - The Surfeit (Album Review)

Release date: May 21st 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

The Surfeit – Tracklisting

1. Intro: All of Them Witches 01:09
2.The Surfeit 01:02
3.Perverse Ain't the Word 01:06
4.Sequestered Days (moonlight requisition) 00:54
5.Chaos and Guilt 01:14
6.Cows and You 01:02
7.Torn From the Future (a family story) 00:56
8.Adoration 01:34
9.Pazuzu's Sow 02:20
10.Anxious West 01:02
11.Mother Pile 01:17
12.The New Family (code R.E.D.) 02:01
13.I Wanna Be Rewarded For Who I Am 01:46
14.Disbelief 01:07
15.Micro Aggressor 00:53
16.Pedophile Immolation 01:15
17.Runoff 01:40
18.Amaryan 01:04
19.Life's Shit Lotto (irreversible neurogenic damage from aerosolized pig brain inhalation) 01:08
20.Word Crime 00:45
21.Bonnacon 01:00
22.Unpaid 01:26
23.I Don't Own Anything 01:12
24.Epic March 02:22
25.Endtro: All of Them Witches (Reprise): The End of Civilization 01:56

Band Members:

Jason Goldberg: bass, vox
Jon Slusher: guitar and vox
Jim Staffel: drums


So this is what happens when you get two members of Sludge/Post-Metallers – BEAK and the drummer from YAKUZA. Svlphvrvs is a very hard band to describe. Psych, Thrash, Doom, Crossover and Punk Rock. Very different to their respective bands. Svlphvrvs debut album is a 25 song opusthat runs less than 30 minutes and it's been a very hard album to review. As most of the songs only last 60 seconds or so. It's hard to get a distinct impression of the entire album.

Though I will say Svlphvrvs never outstay their welcome as they create some highly fucked-up and action packed riffs which veers into many different musical directions. This is one collection of songs that has a major identity crisis but I think that's the point of Svlphvrvs. It's loud, messy and violent but it's a whole load of fun from start to finish. Crossover Thrash merged with Psychedelic Noise/Doom tinged Punk Rock. It's a collection of sounds influenced from the Punk, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal scenes over the last 40 years.

Fans of Minor Threat, Discharge and Slayer should definitely check this out. I can't pick a standout track as Svlphvrvs don't create songs that are meant to be liked. They create songs that are meant to be used as a war-cry when jumping about in a violent mosh-pit. The vocals are superb even if they sound very disjointed at times. You may think I'm hating on this album but believe me I'm not. I think this is a damn good record and it's an exciting wild ride. The production could have done with more work though you don't want the album to be overly-produced as that would take away a little bit of the magic that Svlphvrvs create here.

If you want something different to your usual run-of-the-mill Heavy Metal sounds then The Surfeit will no doubt entertain you for the next 30 mins. Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe