Wednesday 22 June 2016

Sonic Wolves - Before The End Comes (Album Review)

Release date: July 2016. Label: Taxi Driver Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Before The End Comes – Tracklisting

1.Winds Of War
4.He Said
7.Freedom Is The Devil
8.Before The End Comes

Band Members:

Kayt Vigil - Bass/Vocals
Vita - Drum
Paolo Melotto - Guitar/Vocals
Diniz - Guitar


Some of the songs on Sonic Wolves debut album – Before The End Comes – has been released before back in 2015 when the band released most of them on their debut demo release. I missed it first time round. The album has been re-recorded for this as their official debut album release and it sounds a whole lot different. So what can you expect…

Well if you dig Garage style Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal then Sonic Wolves new album will appeal to you in a big way. The album has quite a raw and rebellious feel with fast-paced riffs matched against frantic drumming courtesy of Ufomammat drummer – Vita. Vocal duties are handled between Kayt and Paolo. It’s an intriguing dynamic as they both have different styles which offer a stark contrast to each other.

Songs such as Geronimo, He Said…, Obscured, Lamia, Freedom Is The Devil and Before The End Comes shows the band have a real flair for old-school doom metal theatrics with a more modern psych garage/stoner metal feel. The lyrical content could have done with more work here and there but it shouldn’t distract you from enjoying this album. Sonic Wolves do have a quite an original sound of their own. The production is raw, loud and most of all it sounds very real. People may complain the production could have done with more work. You won’t hear that from me as this is the kind of sound I would expect from a band such as Sonic Wolves.

It’s too the bands credit they’re not afraid to take risks with their music. They could have easily went down the more straightforward Doom/Stoner Metal route but it’s when the band explore their Noise/Garage Rock sounds where the album becomes more exciting to listen to. He Said… is perhaps the standout song on the album as Sonic Wolves opt for a more stripped back approach with Kayt being sultry, dangerous and mysterious throughout. The riffs veer from slow-paced psychedelic rock to a harder style of rock/metal.

Before The End Comes has quite a gloomy fuzz-laiden atmosphere appearing on the album that offers a sinister and exciting doom metal experience. If you’ve heard this album in its previous raw as hell form then I urge you check out this version as everything sounds much better. Sonic Wolves sound has a more powerful and dynamic range. My final thoughts on Before The End Comes is that this is an album you will be listening to over and over again. A truly stunning record. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Thanks to Taxi Driver Records for the promo. Before The End Comes will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Taxi Driver Records from July 2016.

Words by Steve Howe