Sunday 18 December 2016

House Of Lightning - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: 01st December 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

House Of Lightning – S/T – Tracklisting

1.Fear Merchant 04:45
2.James Brown 08:07
3.Rapture 03:42
4.Small Hours 04:26
5.Quadzilla 07:03
6.Trust 08:14

Band Members

Henry Wilson - guitar, vocals
Eric Hernandez - bass
Rick Smith - drums


Greetings All

Florida's House of Lightning's self titled album is a most interesting record. It's one that requires repeated listens because the first time around something sounds a bit off. I really didn't know what to think the first time around. So, I hopped in the car, cranked it up, and absorbed it all in. Next thing I knew my head was rocking and it hit me like a ton of bricks. This thing rocked. The band plays a high energy mix of metal riffs and bends with some heavy ass drums and a little bit of thrash metal thrown in for good measure. The style and tempo change a couple of times in almost every song.

There is some 80's metal feel mixed with a 90's thrash/punk influence. With just a touch of hardcore thrown in for good medicine. I am talking solely the music, the other interesting element is the vocals. There are bit of a mind fuck that takes a while to wrap your head around. As they're a mix of 70's hard rock/radio rock with 90's alternative rock. It may turn some people off, but I dug it.

It all made a little more sense when I checked the band's bio and saw the Torche/Floor/Dove connection. There are some definite similarities that add some clarity to this record. House of Lightning tends to draw more from the thrash and metal influences in lieu of the sludgy aspects of the aforementioned bands.

The 6 tracks are an epic 37 minutes of headbanging action. The first track Fear Merchant kicks you in the teeth right away. James Brown hits you with the big time tempo changes. Rapture is reminiscent of old school Metallica and leads into the albums shortest and slowest track Small Hours. Which gives way to the shifty Quadzilla. The album closes with Trust, an absolute neck-breaker.

This record will grow on you, most definitely. If you are someone that doesn't like your peas mixed with your carrots, then maybe this isn't your thing. Though, if you're adventurous and dig throwing a bunch of shit in a blender to see what you get, hop aboard, House of Lightning will get your juices flowing!

Words by Todd Stealey