Monday 19 December 2016

Doors To No Where - The Haunting (Album Review)

Release date: October 28th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format:DD

The Haunting – Tracklisting

1.Devils Backbone 03:21
2.The Strange 00:50
3.Burn 04:53
4.4Give Me 03:19
5.The Haunting 02:40
6.The Policy 03:23
7.Sinking 03:34
8.Wires 05:05
9.Who Died & Made You King? 05:51

Band Members

Marc Lewis - Guitar/Vox
Sean Sanford - Bass/Vox
Pete Testorff – Drums


The Haunting is Doors To No Where 3rd album and it' my first exposure to the band. The band play a style of aggressive Punk, Desert Rock, Grunge and Stoner Rock kind of sound. It's quite a highly enjoyable album from start to finish though it's a very raw sounding album. The band manage to create some intriguing riffs throughout the entire album.

Doors To No Where will appeal to fans of Queens Of The Stone Age the most. As the band have a similar sound though with a broader doomier atmosphere. The vocals are handled very well from the start though it's the music that impress the most. Doors To No Where keep the mood vibrant and fresh especially when they change the tone of the album.

Doors To No Where have been together as a band since 2011 and with this being their 3rd album I'm surprised I have never came across them before. Better late than never. The Haunting has moments of classic 90s sounding grunge especially with the vocals. If I had to choose a few track for new listeners to check out then I would recommend Burn, Give Me and Who Died & Made You King?. As those tracks are where the band impress the most playing with extreme confidence.

As I've stated before it's a very raw sounding album. Maybe the band could have spent more time on the overall production of the album. Apart from that minor complaint, The Haunting is a very good album indeed. I may need to listen to their other albums as I'm highly impressed by these guys. Maybe when the band release future albums we can truly see if Doors To No Where are on the road to somewhere special. Until then – PLAY THIS ALBUM LOUD!!!

Words by Steve Howe