Tuesday 19 September 2017

BIBLICAL - The City That Always Sleeps (Album Review)

Release date: September 15th 2017. Label: TeePee Records (EU/UK/US) - New Damage Records (Canada). Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

The City That Always Sleeps – Tracklisting

1. Mature Themes
2. The Last Thing I Remember
3. Regicide
4. Fugue State
5. Gallows Humor
6. Spiral Staircase
7. The City That Always Sleeps
8. House Of Knives


Nick Sewell
Matt McLaren
Jay Anderson
Andrew Scott


At first I didn't know what to make of Toronto’s Biblical and their brand new album. 'The City That Always Sleeps' got it's grip on me alright, but mainly because of it's strange nature. Couldn't for the life of me grasp it and tie all the pieces together. However, that first spin mesmerized me no end and already during the second spin this out-there record came together and made perfect sense. As a consequence thereof I was lost in a different, wonderful dimension and loving every single bit of it.

Opener ’Mature Themes’ is probably the oddest composition. The music is souped-up 60’s surf music with shouted, angry vocals played by Voivod. Make sense? It sure does, listen and rejoice. Only to end with space sounds in a wonderfully trippy way. It leads into ‘The Last Thing I Remember’ which is a slow, soothing headfuck. Repetitive, distorted vocals over mellow and beautiful instrumentation. ‘Regicide’ has an Opeth-plays-stripped-down space rock-feel to it, where the bass guitar and drums leads the way. The guitar and keyboards add layers on top creating amazing visions. ‘Fugue State’ continues down the same path as ‘Regicide’, at least in tempo and visions conjured up. Brings to mind Porcupine Tree at their very trippiest. Fantastic guitar solo!

Oh yeah! ‘Gallows Humor’ is Killing Joke playing super nova tunes. The tribal drumming and Colemanesque vocals guides the listener through this wonderfully strange song. Instrumental ‘Spiral Staircase’ puts the piano in the front room. A mellow, vast feel permeates throughout and it’s even further enhanced when the guitar solos kicks in. The title track is a beautiful affair where Opeth meets Porcupine Tree on a magic carpet ride only to end with a nod to Tangerine Dream and segue into closer ‘House Of Knives’. Shifting gear, Biblical go full tilt and really kick things out. Akin to Voivod playing surf music, odd but wonderful.

Check out Biblical, folks. They will blow your minds into the closest black hole and then drag you out, only to do it over and over again. These Canadians really pushes the envelope and boundaries to the extreme and I guess this can confuse listeners. But open your minds and let Biblical work their magic on you. Because the end-result is breathtaking!

Words by Håkan Nyman

Thanks to Becky at Pioneer Music and Carl at Action PR for the promo. The City That Always Sleeps is available to buy now on CD/DD/Vinyl via Tee Pee Records (UK/EU/US) and New Damage Records (Canada).