Saturday 16 December 2017

Black Capricorn - Omega (Album Review)

Release date: November 02nd 2017. Label: Stone Stallion Rex Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Omega - Tracklisting

2.Evil Horde of Lucifer
4.Flower of Revelation
6.Black Capricorn Seal
7.Devil and the Death
8.The Man Who Dared
9.Stars of Orion
10.Quest for Agartha


Fabrizio: guitar, vocals
Virginia: bass
Rachela: drums


After a series of splits and an EP, Italian psychedelic doom merchants Black Capricorn follow up their last album Cult Of The Black Friars with the sprawling and dominant force of Omega. The band have always been capable of delivering powerful and affecting music as they so ably demonstrated on Cult Of The Black Friars and its predecessors Born Under The Capricorn and their self titled debut but on Omega, they raise to another level, such is the albums sheer hypnotising power.

This is mesmerising music of the highest order and the riffs (courtesy of riffmeister general and vocalist Fabrizio who also is blessed with a formidable howl) on this album aren't just set to stun, they are set to pulverise on sight and they certainly do that as they are cranked up to full power, and they are are not just heavy though, these riffs are as catchy as they are powerful and their droning eclecticism proves a sublime combination. The bands rhythm section that consists of bassist Virginia and drummer Rachela conjure up a crushing backbone of a groove as well and that only adds to Black Capricorn's powers.

The psychedelic elements of the bands music are even heavier than they have been before but are just as sprawling. Just take one listen to the monolithic and trippy solo on the song Accabadora for proof and get hypnotised by its sheer ascendant vibe.

Evil Horde Of Lucifer is an early highlight as is the sublime Flower Of Revelation but this is an album that has so many of them and is an album that you definitely have to listen to in full, there's no picking and choosing here. It needs to be consumed in full and as such it will consume you back in kind.

Omega is a gripping listen and when the bands doom is unleashed in full on tracks like Devil And The Death and Stars Of Orion and the music takes an eclectic turn on The Man Who Dared (a song that features some stunning vocals from guest soprano Illaria Falchi) and Black Capricorn Seal which features sublime use of strings, it is such a gripping experience that your head and your heart feels like it will explode with joy at times.

This is an epic album, to say the least, and it will consume you and your senses as you listen. From the opening drone of Alpha right through to the funereal conclusion of Omega, thus is a journey that will bewitch and transfix you, just turn it up loud and let the music of Black Capricorn take you over.

Words by Gavin Brown

Omega is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl now from Stone Stallion Rex Records.