Tuesday 19 December 2017

STAHV - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: December 15th 2017. Label: Forbidden Place Records. Format: DD/Vinyl

STAHV – S/T – Tracklisting

1.Jardín Infinito 05:03
2.The Test 02:13
3.Djinn Rumi 04:37
4.Forest Dweller 03:35
5.Benevolus 04:14
6.Preta Realm 04:51
7.Grüver 06:55


Solomon Arye Rosenschein - Everything


STAHV is the new project from multi-instrumentalist - Solomon Arye Rosenschein aka Ari. Ari is better known from the more upbeat Hard Rock/Psych/Sludge/Stoner Rock duo - Teacher. Here on STAHV, Ari plays a more experimental Drone/Doom/Post-Metal Shoegaze style of sound with moments of Psych Rock, Stoner Rock and even Industrial Rock making an appearance here and there. The majority of the album firmly stays within Pelican/Russian Circles Progressive Post-Rock/Metal projectory.

Opening track - Jardin Infinito - starts off very confusingly with Ari creating a Middle Eastern sound that becomes more focused when the Doom/Drone sludgy grooves appear. The music is played superbly well and Ari knows when to change the mood of the album. The album is heavy whilst still retaining a sense of calm amongst the heavy noises.

Second song - The Test - is an electronic/drone driven number with the synth sounds driving the song to its natural conclusion. The heavy post-rock/cinematic guitars add real weight to the whole vibe of the album. Despite only running for two minutes, this song is one of my favourite songs. One moment the song is remarkably quiet and mellow then Ari changes gear and brings a sludge/stoner metal groove that allows the Industrial/Electronic riffs to fully breathe and expand.

Third track - Djinn Rumi - carries on the stop-start approach of the Industrial sounds with the Psychedelic Gloomy Stoner riffs merging with more Middle Eastern sounds. It can be hard work at times listening to this album but at least Ari is not only challenging himself musically but also the listener as well.

Other songs on the album that are worth mentioning are: Forest Dweller, Benevolus and the superb final song - Grüver. Ari expands his experimental musical journey further with different noises coming into play. Ari even includes Americana Country style Rock on Forest Dweller whilst still creating a heavy gloomy and industrial drone nightmarish vibe.

The production on STAHV is expertly handled with all the different musical elements feeling very much alive. The overall sound is remarkably clear and fresh with Ari proving what a superb musician he really is. STAHV won't be for everyone. This is geared for the more adventurous Drone/Doom/Post-Metal fan. As you'll either think the album is too quiet or too loud at times.

Overall STAHV is a complex and weird sounding album when compared to other Instrumental Rock/Metal albums. However I enjoyed this record immensely. Perhaps more the different style of sounds than for the overall delivery of the album itself. It's not perfect but STAHV's debut album is still a hugely entertaining and superbly well-made record.

If you're wondering what Yawning Man would sound like if jamming with Scott Kelly or JK Broadrick. Look no further. STAHV is here to answer your Industrial Rock dreams or nightmares depending on your state of mind.

Words by Steve Howe

You can buy the album on Vinyl via Forbidden Place Records here.