Saturday 2 June 2018

SKULL MOUNTAIN: RIPPLE MUSIC, DHU Records, Kozmik Artifactz and Twin Earth Records Team Up For SKULL MOUNTAIN

Over a year in the making! Perhaps the world's first Four-Label collaborative effort to bring together some of the best heavy psych, stoner, doom from both sides of the Atlantic. Two US-based labels, Ripple Music and Twin Earth Records, join forces with two European-based Lables, DHU Records and Kozmik Artifactz to bring forth a double album of epic proportions, something so massive it could only have it's own monolith, Skull Mountain.
Each Label showcases one full album side of it's signature sound, each song previously unreleased or unreleased mix. The entire album mastered to perfection by Tony Reed at HeavyHead. Inside the gatefold, Tarot cards display the four element theme of Skull Mountain with each Label represented by it's own signature element, Ripple-Water; Twin Earth-Earth, DHU- Fire, and Kozmik- Air. Accordingly, each label has a limited amount of vinyl available in it's own signature elemental color, Ripple-Blue, Twin Earth - Green, DHU-Red, and Kozmik- Clear

 That's right! Only 500 of these stunning 2xLP albums were pressed, with each label only having 125 in it's signature color. Once they're gone, they're gone.
An epic introduction into the worlds of North American and European heavy music. A monumental journey to Skull Mountain Track Listing: Side Ripple The Watchers - Starfire (Cosmic Nebula mix) Kingnomad - Dewer's Hollow Blackwulf - The Tempest (Black Tide mix) Vokonis - Celestial Embrace Side Twin Earth Alastor - Blood on Satan's Claw Kabbalah - Abomination Starts that Move - Give It All Away Haunted - Crossmoth Side D.H.U. Disenchanter - More Evil Than Thou Dawn - Day of the Lord Witch Ritual - Drawing Down the Moon Youngblood Supercult - Sticky Fingers Side Kozmik The Heavy Eyes - Home Devil Electric - Devil's Bells Red Spektor - Devil's Keeper
Hair of the Dog - My Only Home