Sunday 26 September 2021

Band To Check Out - BLACK SKY GIANT

Black Sky Giant are an Instrumental Psych Stoner Rock Band from Rosario, Argentina who have released 3 excellent albums since August 2020. I've only been a fan of their band for the last few months and it was my brother who told me to check these guys out. I admit I wasn't fully sold on their style of Instrumental Stoner Rock with the band showing their low-key style of Space Rock, Psych Rock and Desert Rock.

However, after listening to their 2nd album, Planet Terror that I started to warm-up to their style of Fuzzy Spaced Out Rock. With flashes of KYUSS, Karma To Burn and Yawning Man heard within their music that I started to enjoy the album more and more with Planet Terror becoming my favourite album of theirs. Though, their debut album, Orbiter and recently released new album- Falling Mothership all being high quality sounding and expertly produced releases.

Their music is one of Psychedelic Movement told through the Instrumental Stoner Rock/Metal field. There is a lush Psychedelic/Spaced Out backdrop that are the main building blocks for Black Sky Giant. The music always feels it moves from one intergalactic location to the next. 

Black Sky Giant are one of the best Instrumental Stoner Rock bands from the South American Scene. Bold claim. Perhaps. These are the best Instrumental Stoner Rock albums I've heard from that scene. The band are starting to build up a dedicated fan-base within the Stoner Rock community and with these 3 great albums it's not hard to see why.

Check out yourself.

Words by Steve Howe