Monday 11 January 2016

CHEEL GHAR - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: 14th December 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: Cassette/DD

Cheel Ghar – S/T – Tracklisting

1.Ravens and Kites 11:16
2.Piss Wizard 04:26
3.Thieves 03:55
4.Helix Monolith 20:51

Band Members:

Bass Guitar – Brad Hemsell
Drums – Alastair Fyffe
Electric Guitar, Synth – Jefferson Fairley
Vocals - Dan Davis


Bournemouth has always had a fertile music scene. Whilst maybe not always getting the recognition of bigger towns like London, Cardiff etc, you can pretty much find some decent live music on any night of the week, wherever you go.

The metal scene has always been vibrant here as well. And now the doom/sludge scene (which thankfully hasn't reached saturation point) is starting to generate a few names as well.
You can now consider Cheel Ghar as one of those names.

Their self titled debut record has just four tracks, but weighs in at an impressive running time of 40 minutes. Two of the songs are under five minutes, while the album is bookended by opener "Ravens And Kites" and closed by the frankly disgusting "Helix Monolith" complete with dual feedback churning away in the background for the entire 20 minute duration.

Capturing the bands gut worryingly heavy live sound, the band recorded most of the music in one take for this record, which incidentally is all recorded by the bands bass player Brad Hemsell (other credits including Swallowing and Greenhorn).

Everything about this record makes me feel, afraid and unclean, from the Catton-esque vocals of Dan Davis to the huge, huge riffs that show no respite from the moment they start, to the moment they end.

If your a fan of music that's low and slow, then I absolutely implore you to pick this record up. Cheel Ghar are the best band you haven't heard of...... yet.

Download the record from the band direct at

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Words by Simon Ross Williams


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