Wednesday 27 January 2016

RedWolves - Walking Roads (EP Review)

Release date: January 29th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Walking Roads (EP) – Tracklisting

1.The Barrier 04:34
2.Got You On My Mind 02:55
3.Farewell 05:34
4.Walking Roads 06:18

Band Members:

Rasmus Cundell (vocals)
Simon Stenbæk (guitar)
Nicholas Randy Tesla (bass)
Kasper Rebien (drums)


RedWolves debut EP – Walking Roads – should get these guys noticed within the Hard Rock/Classic Rock/Heavy Metal circles. It’s a throwback to the good old days where bands focused equally on melodies & lyrics and that are what RedWolves have achieved here with their debut EP.

It’s a stirring mix of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal where the dual twin guitars bring back memories of Thin Lizzy at times merged with classic Heavy Metal theatrics. Though RedWolves do have a certain swagger about them that reminds me of Kverletak at times. Maybe not with the Black/Doom Metal riffs but they have a cool Punk identity with lead vocalist – Rasmus – giving you the feeling that he was born in the wrong decade. This dude belongs in the 70s/80s heyday of Classic Rock and Heavy Metal. I mean that as a compliment as can shriek and sing with the best of them.

Opening track – The Barrier – is high voltage rock spliced with Thin Lizzy dual guitar riffs. It may sound like a simple track but I urge you to look again as RedWolves include moments of prog rock. It’s not the most original of sounds but RedWolves exceed in creating a thrilling start to the EP.

Second track – Got You On My Mind – is definitely a Punk Rock song at heart especially at the start before changing into a frantic fast-paced Hard Rock/Heavy Metal song. It’s pretty cool to hear RedWolves change from one genre to the next. The vocals once again impress through out.

Third track – Farewell – is the one of standout songs on the EP. It’s a deliberately slow-paced number with a sombre “lighter/mobile in the air” feel to it. It allows the band to expand their musical horizons by playing a few impressive solos. I will admit the lyrics could have done with more work as they sound rather contrived at times. Though the band gain full marks for the impressive guitar solos on show.

Fourth track – Walking Roads – is the final song and RedWolves decide to end things with a bang as they opt for a more classic rock feel though the song does open with a Kverletak style riff before returning to the world of Classic Rock/Heavy Metal spliced with moments of Blues and Psych Rock.

This may not be the usual stuff that we feature on the blog but I have to admit these guys won me round with their great music. Walking Roads has plenty to offer to all serious fans of Classic Rock/Heavy Metal though it will take a few listens to get the full effect of the EP. RedWolves are definitely worth your time. I can’t wait to hear the full length record.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Jacob at Disciplinarian PR. Walking Roads will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from Jan 29th 2016.