Monday 11 January 2016

Infinite Flux (Album Review)

Release date: January 02nd 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Inifinte Flux – S/T – Tracklisting

2.Solar Sacrifice 11:29
3.Hangman 03:27
4.Ashes 06:37
5.Guillotine 03:28
6.Odin 06:10
7.Prophecy Number Three 03:39

Band Members:

John Kennedy - Guitar/Vocals
Darren Chase – Bass/Vocals
Dan Fierro - Guitars
Ryder Hoffman - Drums

Flux Family
Sean Booth- bassin
Paul Casper- thumpin
Tony Copeland - Fuzzin,
Zak Deckard- Inspiration and Moral Compass


Infinite Flux is a band I’ve been hearing good things about for a while now. The band have finally released their S/T debut album and it’s a hazy and heavy mix of Sludge, Doom and Stoner Metal rhythms that will appeal to fans of Wo Fat, Elder and rounded off by some serious Matt Pike riff style worship.
The album itself is very loud from the start as opening track – TEOTWAYKI – opens with psych based guitars and heavy pounding drums building up to a loud volatile atmosphere. The vocals are handled reasonably well. They’re not the most polished but John’s vocals match the rough and ready exterior of the whole song.

Infinite Flux is here to create loud and exciting music and they succeed on all levels as they create perhaps the albums standout track with the second track – Solar Sacrifice. An eleven minute epic drenched in guitar reverb feedback and psych based sounds. It starts off rather slow but give it time as the band add faster riffs as the song builds up to a loud volume. The vocals are stunning through out as they hark back to the days of classic hard rock. Though it’s the riffs that hold your attention as Infinite Flux gives it their all in creating an all out psych based assault on the senses.

Third track – Hangman - has a more Hard Rock/Stoner Metal vibe compared to the previous tracks. It’s another exciting loud and heavy affair with the heavy pounding drumming being the main focus here. You can hear shades of Wo Fat’s swampedelic style riffs but Infinite Flux create some exciting moments of their own to show you why they demand your attention.

Other great tracks to check out are: Ashes, Odin and Prophecy Number Three as Infinite Flux create many more great moments of Psychedelic Stoner Metal madness for you to survive from. The album stays incredibly loud from start to finish and you can’t fault the production as you can feel every note on the entire album. If these guys sound this loud on the album I would love to hear them live on stage to see if they can recreate the loud damage on stage. Though I think they can especially with the talent involved with the band.

One minor flaw I have with the album is the lyrical content. There are some cases the lyrics could have done with extra work especially on Ashes. Other than that minor complaint Infinite Flux have created an exciting and action packed album you will be listening to over and over for the next few weeks or so. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe