Thursday 13 April 2017

An Interview with VOMIT MONSTER

Vomit Monster’s place of origin is the city of Nagoya, Japan. The band has been in business since 2013, and at the moment they have a full-length “Deadman’s Trigger” and split with Swiss outfit WardHill.

What does Vomit Monster do? They name it “doom metal”, but it has enough of dirt from sludge. They tend to transfer primitive energies but their music isn’t such simple: savage vocals, tight rhythm section and twin guitars that are accompanied with synthesizer and crazy effects. It’s insane doom’n’roll, and I probably would describe’em as blend of Black Sabbath and Green Machine. I listened “Deadman’s Trigger”, that’s the reason I tried to get in touch with the band. Finally their frontman Jun Sasaki provided me this blitz interview.

Hi Jun! How are you? Let's use this chance to introduce the band to our readers - what are main facts we should know about Vomit Monster?

Vomit monster is organized by six people from Doom/Stoner Rock band based in Nagoya Japan, which was formed by Shingo Noda(ba) 9years a go. We started out under the influence of EyeHateGod, Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard etc…

You have two guitars in the band, and this symbiosis works perfect making your rocking sound more vivid and energetic. Was it your intention to have twin guitars from a start?

It is not an intention, maybe it is inevitable. Because Vomit Monster’s guitarist Goro Abe and Toshi Mizutani continue to play together for over 20 years. So I think they need to help each other when they compose songs. They are ”one”.

Another Vomit Monster feature is intense use of keyboards and effects. That's pretty avant-garde, how do you incorporate it in your songs?

We have a keyboard player Yosuke Sukema. All about effects and noise are left to him. If you feel that Vomit Monster’s songs are avant-garde, I can be convinced again that he is necessary for us.

Vomit Monster obtains bloody vomiting vocals, do you see the band as sludgy one or is it just such twisted form of doom for you?

I am not conscious of anything. I use to play hardcore band vocals, my vocal style has not changed since that time.

How is it difficult to be Vomit Monster in such city like Nagoya?

Nothing difficult. We can work at our own pace in this city, and there is also a Cornucopia Records. I feel that the environment of playing Doom/Stoner Rock is getting better day by day.

The band released split with WardHill from Switzerland, but it was just one year ago! What's going on in the life of Vomit Monster?

WardHill contacted our label Cornucopia Records, and then we decided to release a split 10” with WardHill by label recommendation. We want to get show in other countries now. So if we have the opportunity like this split, we want to do more and more!!

Vomit Monster

How does the work over second full-length go? What would you like to add to your sound?

The second album is probably going to record next year. I have not decided anything about the sound to add yet… but our 2nd album will be good stuff!!

Vomit Monster debut album “Deadman's Trigger” is savage work, and the digipack is decorated in a damn dark manner. Who created all these monsters? How did you describe to the artist that you want to see there?

The artwork of our debut album was designed by HIDE052. He is my friend’s designer and he’s working on designing jackets for several hardcore band albums in Japan. I trusted him about his artwork, so I left everything to him without explaining. I think he was just imagining by listening to our music. He is a genius!!

Deadman's Trigger” was released by Cornucopia Records. Do you have some kind of community around the label? Or maybe just a group of doomy bands which can organize gig spontaneously?

We often get show with different types of band. So we are connected to many different communities. Of course we can organize gigs spontaneously with them.

As far as I heard, some of your songs have lyrics written in your native tongue. What do you write lyrics about?

Sometimes I use English in my lyrics but my lyrics are almost Japanese in all songs. Usually I write lyrics about dissatisfaction and doubts of the world. There are many negative stories.

How much of local cultural influences in your lyrics, music or visual side of the band?

My lyrics have no influence of local cultural. I just write about what I felt in my life.

Vomit Monster sounds really professional and wild, I'm wondering how do your shows go usually?

Usually we are having a show once a month with friends band at a local live house. Sometime we get show in other cities but still not so much. I’d like to go to various places for a show after completing 2nd album!!

Words by Aleks Evdokimov and VOMIT MONSTER