Thursday 13 April 2017

ISIS (The Band) - Live VII 02.25.10 (Album Review)

Release date: March 31st 2017. Label: Ipecac Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Live VII 02.25.10 – Tracklisting

1.Hall of the Dead 07:50
2.Hand of the Host 10:02
3.Holy Tears 07:32
4.20 Minutes / 40 Years 07:23
5.Ghost Key 08:29
6.Wills Dissolve 06:22
7.Threshold of Transformation 10:14
8.Carry 05:15
9.Celestial (The Tower) 15:19


Bryant C. Meyer
Jeff Caxide
Aaron Harris
Aaron Turner
Mike Gallagher


Even though they were certainly revered in their lifetime, since Isis split they have been remembered as both pioneers and visionaries of a post metal sound. They were certainly equally at home on stage as they were in the studio and this live concert, recorded in Melbourne in 2010, proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Focussing on material from Wavering Radiant, the bands final album that has been released the year before as well as selected highlights from the bands back catalogue, this live document shows how formidable a sonic presence Isis were.

The band open with Hall Of The Dead and then Hand Of The Host both from Wavering Radiant and the sound is crystal clear and shows a band, despite being close to their splitting up, sounding absolutely immense with their sprawling sonic tales and as impressive as they are on record. Holy Tears, 20 Minutes/40 Years, Wills Dissolve and on, the highlights come in thick and measured droves with the centrepiece of this performance being a sublime rendition of Threshold Of Transformation.

As the band end their set in the best way possible with the stunning Celestial (The Tower), a song in which you can just feel the power soaring through your speakers,you will have listened in awe to a band doing what they do best.

The nine songs that they play here are epically recreated and demonstrates just how powerful a live band they were and having been lucky enough to see Isis live, this is a cracking reminder of that, how good a band they were in a live environment. Enthralling, expansive, awe inspiring and completely life affirming in equal measure.

Although it is unlikely that we will ever get to see Isis live in the flesh ever again (although never say never and all that!), this is the nearest thing there is and it should be embraced to celebrate one the most adventurous heavy bands on the planet that ever existed. There is also the fact that the members of Isis are currently playing in a multitude of bands (most notably Aaron Turner has the brilliant Sumac and Mammifer amongst others and Michael Gallacher has the sublime MGR) that should be checked out and appreciated in a live setting, proving that the Isis legacy will never die.

Words by Gavin Brown

Thanks to Monica at SpeakEasy PR for the promo. Live VII 02.25.10 is available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from Ipecac Records now.