Thursday 31 August 2017

Vinyl News - Napalm Records Releasing Monster Magnet Classics - TAB and SPINE OF GOD

Napalm Records are about to release two of Monster Magnet’s early classic releases on vinyl. TAB and Spine Of God. Two records that helped to lay down the foundations of the early sound of this legendary Psychedelic Space Rock/Stoner Metal band.

TAB is their 1991 debut release. TAB is an epic droned out space rock odyssey with the band creating some of their early trademark psychedelic sounds.

Monster Magnet arrived in style and announced themselves to the Stoner Rock/Metal world with the release of their classic debut album – Spine Of God. 

Criminally overlooked when it was originally released, the album’s legacy has grown and is now considered one of Monster Magnet’s most defining releases. With tracks such as Pill Shovel, Medicine, Zodiac Lung and the classic title track – Spine Of God – all helping to make Monster Magnet as one of the most defining bands of the Stoner Metal genre.

You can now buy these classic records from Napalm Records. Tab here and Spine of God here. If you’re new to the crazy psychedelic world of Monster Magnet and their legendary frontman – Dave Wyndorf, then this is the best place to start.

Monster Magnet will be releasing a new album later this year via Napalm Records.