Monday 2 October 2017

Tronald - S/T (EP Review)

Release date: September 30th 2017. Label: APF Records. Format: CD/DD

Tronald – S/T – Tracklisting

1.Tronald 03:42
2.Boss Keloid Are Shit 01:44
3.Obelisk Ov Hash 05:00
4.Dalnort 03:40
5.Gains (Prelude) 01:10
6.Vegan Gains 01:52
7.Get Your Grubby Little Hands Off My Bennell 01:16
8.Burgled Senseless 01:18


charlie s - guitar
rian g - bass
andy p - drum
the mandem - vokills


UK Sludge/Doom Metal mob – Tronald – debut EP is one loud and very mean affair. The EP doesn't really have a set structure as such. As Tronald play a distorted and twisted kind of Sludge/Doom Metal with gltichy noises creating an unsettling and almost industrial sound.

Opening track – Tronald – is very hard to make out and understand. As the band merge industrial style sounds to a very distinctive soundclip. It's not the best way to start the EP off as it can be very confusing at times.

Second track – Boss Keloid Are Shit – is obviously a joke between the two bands played against a nightmarish Doom/Drone/Sludge Metal backdrop that sees the band finally start to create something called music. The vocals are very weird indeed as Tronald adopt a Melvins/Sunn 0))) approach to their sound.

Third track – Obelisk Ov Hash – is definitely the standout song on the EP with Tronald creating the heaviest and most enjoyable sounds on the EP. It's still very much in the realm of Industrial Doom/Sludge but at least Tronald are now trying to play something that resembles a song that people can actually listen to.

The rest of the EP sees Tronald expand their weird as FUCK experimental sound that will either have people head-banging in agreement or have people running for the hills. I'm stuck in between those two descriptions. As this EP does have some fantastic nightmarish moments that I can listen to all day. However, there are moments on the EP that make me want to stop listening and focus on something else.

I suppose that is the point with Tronald's music. It's there to gage a reaction from the listener. I applaud for Tronald for releasing something different compared to other bands within the UK Doom/Sludge Metal scene. My own advice, is to make your own mind up about Tronald's debut EP. If you're in the mood for a nightmarish and experiment take on Doom/Sludge Metal then this could be the band for you. If not then it's perhaps best to look elsewhere.

Words by Steve Howe