Thursday 26 October 2017

Hobosexual - Monolith (Album Review)

Release date: November 03rd 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Monolith – Tracklisting

1.Trans Am Sunday
3.Dimensional Beard
4.Up The Down Walls
6.VHS or Sharon Stone
7.Cincinatti Juggernaut
8.The Grey Mountain
9.Night of 1000 Daggers
10.Sunset Adieu


Ben Harwood: Guitars/Vocals
Jeff Silva: Drums/Spirit Guide


Hobosexual new album - Monolith - is a crazy mixture of Classic Rock, Heavy Metal, Sludge Rock, Stoner Rock and even Blues Rock. This is a band showcasing their love for all things Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from over last forty years or so. As Monolith has a distinctive vintage quality whilst sill offering the listener an album with a truly modern sound. Monolith is the band's third album and I'm a fairly new listener to their world. I've heard songs from previous albums and I knew what to expect for this album. Well, I thought I did before I fully listened to Monolith. As Hobosexual is a very hard band to describe or pin down.

Opening track - Trans Am Sunday - starts off promisingly. With the band playing a Torche-esque riff that allows the band to create a heavy psychedelic sludge/stoner rock sound. The vocals have a slight alternative rock feel with strands of Blues Rock guitar riffs being played in the background. The lyrics are very cool indeed with the band having fun with the audience by writing lyrics that are slightly sleazy in parts but all played with a serious deadpan tone. It's the music and vocals that keep you entertained as the song has a slight "doom-pop" vibe. Though that only tells half the story with this song and indeed with the rest of the album.

As Hobosexual later fully explore the different musical elements they have at their disposal. Most of the songs sound very different to each other. As the band do change musical direction from one song to the next. Songs such as MonsterBater, Dimensional Beard, Monolith, VHS or Sharon Stone, The Grey Mountain sees the band playing a wide range of different styles. Moments of seventies style Classic/Stadium Rock merge seamlessly with the heavier Sludge/Stoner Rock sounds.

The standout song has to be VHS or Sharon Stone. This song feels partially inspired by the Billy Joel song - We Didn’t' Start The Fire. As it follows a similar path to that song. As the band creates a Sludge/Stoner Rock odyssey or oddity I should say, about growing up in the eighties and nineties. The lyrics contain a high amount of references to different moments of pop culture from that time period. This song is very self-aware and sums up what the band do brilliantly well. Making you laugh out loud one moment and then rocking out the next to a fantastic heavy riff.

It's a shame this album wasn't released before the start of the summer period. As this album could have easily been classed as one of the best albums of the summer. Still, that doesn't stop Monolith being one of the craziest and inventive albums I've heard this year.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Monica at Speakeasy PR for the promo. Monolith will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl from November 3rd 2017.