Saturday 21 October 2017

Captives Of The Void - Hypnos (Album Review)

Release date: October 13th 2017. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Hypnos – Tracklisting

1.It's Not Safe 05:30
2.Blazed Trail 04:39
3.The Search 04:50
4.Joined In Orbit (ft. Tilly Riddle) 05:29
5.Gravitational Collapse 04:16
6.Victory 02:31
7.Hypnos Awakens 04:16
8.Belka 07:20


Jack Larkin
Max Storr


Instrumental Spaced Out Stoner Metal Duo – Captives Of The Void – return with another impressive album. Hypnos takes the sound they created on their 2016 debut album and gives it a Pink Floyd inspired makeover. The riffs are more progressive and even trippier than their last album. The progressive sounds draw you in from the start as the mix of Post-Rock/Post-Metal style instrumental jams sound so intriguing especially when mixing it with a Stoner Rock/Metal sound.

Tracks such as it's Not Safe, Blazed Trail, The Search, Gravitational Collapse and excellent final track Belka show you that Jack and Max take their craft seriously. Inspired partially by Karma To Burn, Pink Floyd, Earthless and even Pelican at times. This is an album that has an air of intelligence that you don't really feel or hear on Instrumental Rock/Metal albums.

The album can be very trippy and psychedelic for it's own good at times but Captives Of The Void soon come up with another musical idea that pays dividends for the band. As they offer an experimental sound on certain parts of the album. With songs - Blazed Trail, Gravitational Collapse and Belka – showing the band's willingness to experiment with their own sound.

The production is another highlight with the band sounding fantastic from the start. Maybe the band aren't breaking any new ground musically but it's how the band have developed since their debut album that has impressed me the most. It shows myself that the band could have the potential to release something special in the years to come. For now this is a band trying out different things and taking the listener along for the journey.

Hypnos is a brilliantly entertaining album that will keep fans of both the band and instrumental rock scene entertained for a long time to come. Check it out now.

Words by Steve Howe