Saturday 10 February 2018

FUZZ LORD - S/T (Album Review)

Release date: 22nd January 2018. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Fuzz Lord – S/T – Tracklisting

1.The Gates of Hell 01:45
2.Kronos Visions Arise 07:02
3.The Warriors Who Reign 05:38
4.The Lord of the Underground 04:42
5.Evil Infamy 03:59
6.Worlds Collide 06:58
7.The Fall of Fate 01:07
8.Infamous Evil 07:50


Steven 'Fuzz Lord' - Guitar
Lawrence 'Lord Buzz' - Drums/Vocals
Stoner Dan Riley - Bass/Vocals


Greetings all,

This time around I am checking in with the debut album from Chillicothe, Ohio’s mysterious, riff worshipping masters Fuzz Lord. Their self-titled debut album is a straight forward, concise, inspired slab of fuzzed out, metal inspired rock. The 8 songs on the record are well played and cleanly recorded with the right amount of distortion, for all those that dig that kind of thing, throughout.

The songs have a heavy dose of mythic storytelling with just enough tongue in cheek to make them enjoyable and not over bearing. The vocals are raspy, but clear and confidently delivered. The music of Fuzz Lord is soaked heavily in the good kind of fuzz that wraps itself around you and keeps you nice and warm.

The Gates of Hell opens the record with some dazed and confused like guitar strums that drifts into a twangy sound before the instrumental track kicks in with some super crunchy mid-tempo riffage. Kronos Visions Arise comes crashing in with some marching style drums that add to the heavy, epic feel of the this monstrous track with features a killer heavy chorus/flanger type solo. Driving drums also lead into the equally epic,

The Warriors who Reign, which is a bombastic track with an 80’s metal feel to it with its killer solos. The band switches things up a bit with the next track. The Lord of the Underworld has a Ramones-style punk sound with some other cool parts. There is a cool ass breakdown on the chorus and some killer dual guitar sound solos on this rager. Evil Infamy returns with a more metal feel to it. The song features a sweet dual guitar riff and some killer double kick drums.

The next track is truly fuzzed out. Worlds Collide has a truly Doom inspired, epic sound to it. The Fall of Fate is a brief guitar based interlude which picks up some bass groove before rocking into the albums closer. Infamous Evil is a mighty closing track. The song starts with a grand sounding guitar intro before hammering you hard and burying you deep, deep in the fuzz.

Fuzz Lord hit all the right notes and chords. With props to them for the killer lucha libre inspired cover art. If you dig Fu Manchu, Sons of Otis, and the like, you should check out Fuzz Lord, you won’t be disappointed. Dig on them!

-Todd S

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Words by Todd Stealey