Thursday 15 February 2018

Sativa Root - Oneiroid (Album Review)

Release date: 16th February 2018. Label: Marijunaut Records. Format: CD/DD

Oneiroid – Tracklisting

1.Intro 00:09
2.Blood Rigs 07:36
3.Funeral of the Witch 08:24
4.Deathclaw 05:56
5.Tabarnak 05:56
6.Morlock 09:14


Stonerhead - Guitar
Pan - Drums
Doomster - Bass


Austrian Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metallers - Sativa Root - finally bring their full length debut album - Oneiroid - after almost seven years existence as a band. They have released a couple of EP's over the years which did show the world their undoubted potential. Oneiroid has a dirtier, doomier and heavier feel compared to their previous records. With the band playing a heavier and doomier sound.

The album opens with a ten second sound clip that opens the album to Sativa Root. Nothing flashy. It's just there for a soundbyte of some sort.

The second track - Bloodrigs - is an almost down-tempo sounding number with a heavy bass-line allowing the drums and guitars to slowly infecting the people listening into this album. The song and album itself has quite a progressive feel with the doom and stoner metal sounds slowly building up to a confident gloomy rhythm. The majority of the album is instrumental but Sativa Root has included one or two surprises along the way which I will explain later.

Third track - Funeral Of The Witch - is perhaps the doomiest offering on the album. As it sees the band venture into darker and more down-tempo areas of the Doom/Stoner Metal world. Though it does take some time for the song to fully get going into a more exciting rhythm of its own. The psychedelic parts of the song is what makes the song truly standout on the album. As it's quite epic with the song running past the eight minute mark. Sativa Root show that they know how to play on this album with epic musical solos with all three band members all vying for your attention.

Fourth track - Deathclaw - opens with a bleak voiceover setting up the scene. The song once again starts off real slow before adding a heavier psychedelic stoner metal vibe. I think this is where Dave “Dixie” Collins of Weedeater appears. As the band have managed to convince Dave to provide vocals on the album though his vocals are quite brief.

The final two tracks - Tabanark and Morlock - perhaps offer the more exciting and heaviest moments on the album with Sativa Root finally showing their true potential. The final song - Morlock - is the standout track on the album with Sativa Root proving they have both style and substance played down to a fine art. The song is very progressive with the Doom/Stoner Metal parts working superbly well together. The psychedelic vibes is what holds everything together as Sativa Root brings this song and album to a highly satisfactory conclusion.

Oneiroid is parts Karma To Burn instrumental Stoner Rock and parts Black Sabbath/Saint Vitus style vintage Doom Metal riff worship. The sound and production of the entire album is very good indeed. There were a couple of moments that could have benefited having more volume added. Other than that minor complaint, Oneiroid is an album that will keep the Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal masses superbly entertained for a long time to come.

Words by Steve Howe