Tuesday, 26 February 2019

ULURU - Acrophilia (Album Review)

Release date: January 07th 2019. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Acrophilia – Tracklisting

1.Insidious Queen 03:51
2.Şark 04:01
3.Siderea 04:52
4.Constantine 05:45
5.Acrophilia Jam 07:52
6.Sin 'N' Shamash 05:12
7.Aeternum 07:20


Guitars/Synth: Ege Çaldemir
Bass: Oğulcan Ertürk
Drums: Ümit Büyükyüksel


Acrophilia is the new album from Turkish Psych/Space/Stoner Rockers – Uluru. This is a very progressive album with the band playing different styles of Instrumental Spaced Out Rock. It’s good to see Uluru playing a more direct style of music and not trying to copy from other bands. This is a band playing their own style of music and becomes even better for it.

The album is quite loud and way heavier than I expected. As I expected Uluru to play a softer style of Post-Rock influenced Stoner Rock. However the band aren’t afraid to veer into Stoner Metal territory and you can hear that the band’s loud ROAR on the excellent opening track – Insidious Queen. The music is quite upbeat and gloomy at the same time as Uluru show a real flair for creating different progressive and psychedelic sounds.

Second song – Şark – opens with a slightly Middle Eastern vibe before the band opt for a more driven Stoner Rock riff. The song isn’t as intense as the opening song but it does allow Uluru to show a softer and more emotional side to their music. The music can be too flashy at times but at least Uluru keep the listener involved with the many different musical directions happening in a short space of time.

The other songs carry on the same type of formula as the opening songs with Siderea, Constantine and Acrophilia Jam having many more moments of finely played Psychedelic and Progressive Stoner Rock. The overall tone and sound of the album changes with each song but at least Uluru have all their bases covered on this album.

The production on the album it top-notch as Uluru deliver a masterclass of Instrumental Stoner Rock to the underground masses. The Space Rock atmosphere of the album is perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the album. As it’s constantly weaving a magical sound that holds everything together perhaps mostly on the final two songs on the album – Sin ‘n’ Shamash and Aeternum. This is perhaps the most exciting part of the album as Uluru play to their strengths on these songs and it shows with stunning riffs throughout.

Acrophilia is the type of album that should convince organizers of prestigious European Musical Festivals such as Roadburn, Desertfest and Freak Valley to have Uluru perform at their festivals. As they’re seriously that good and this album is a testament to their hard work and undeniable talent.

Words by Steve Howe


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