Saturday 10 August 2019

An Interview With Andy Murray From ALLUVION

It’s hard to believe that Psychedelic Rock/Metallers ALLUVION have been going as a band for 20 years now. The band have gained quite the reputation since then and in my humble opinion they should be more well known within the Sludge/Stoner Metal scene.

Hopefully with the release of their upcoming 3rd album – The Secret’s Out – due to be released on Sept 6th 2019 that the band will gain more attention as they truly deserve it.

With that in mind, I managed to chat to Andy Murray (Drums/Vox) from the band where we discussed the making of the new album and ALLUVION epic journey so far...

Hi Andy. Thanks for doing this interview. How are things with you today?

Very good, indeed.

Can you give a brief history of how Alluvion came together and what the current line-up is today?

1999... Just kids with a passion for music. Playing for our friends, and our friend's bands. The current line-up is the best it could possibly be.

How would you describe your own music in your own words?

Experimental heavy rock and metal fluctuating with sensory overload at times. A variety of sorts with a solid core. Very collaberatory between the members, whom bring their own influences and point of views across.

You will be releasing your new album – The Secret’s Out very soon. What can people expect from the album?

Great tunes; interesting sounds and production. This one is thorough, and not to be missed.

Was recording the new album a hard or easy experience for the band?

Not too difficult, thanks to Stickman Studios which is operated by our own Brian Carnes.

What is the song writing dynamic in the band? Is it a group collective or down to certain individuals?

It can vary at times. The song "By Design", for example, was song written by Steve collaborating with other local musicians. Now composed by Alluvion to be a track that holds a lot of weight on the new album. Where was "Husk" was a spontaneous jam session where everything falls into place at once.

What comes first when writing and recording new music? Music or lyrics?

It's hard to pin-down a method for songwriting because it can start with lyrics sometimes. Other times it can be certain members jamming or swapping demo recordings of ideas and such. The four of us get together to complete it and add their flavor to the mixture.

What inspires you when writing music?

Everything. I'm always searching for sources of inspiration, usually finding it at live shows.

Did you have the opportunity to perform live on a regular basis in your home town or do you have to travel further afield?

Yes we've certainly covered most of the ground in our home town. That's not saying a whole lot because it is a small town. However, we are lucky to be about an hour away from two major cities D.C. and Richmond. This providing some different opportunities through the years.

How would you describe the Alluvion LIVE experience?

A full-effect experience; Intense and fun. We aim to make it memorable, inspiring, and heavily gratifying. To show our appreciation to everyone who came to the show, and make the show possible.

Alluvion have been going as band for over twenty years. Did you ever expect for the band to last that long? 

That is very rare. At this point I think we recognize that and can all agree to protect it. To avoid self destructing something so powerful and uplifting, and something that rocks so fucking hard.

What have been your high points and low points within that period? 

We've had hiatuses, our arguments, disagreements. We've pursued other musical ventures. And to focus on those would be a complete waste of energy. I would say a high point would be right now. We got our health, our chemistry in the band. We're dropping a brand new solid record. Let's ride this wave it feels good. 

Looking back over your epic career, would you change anything that the band has experienced?

Nah I guess not. It may sound cliche, but the experiences make us what we are today. Helps us learn from mistakes and hone our craft whatever that may be.

Thanks for doing this interview. Before you go do you have any words of wisdom to say to your fans?

Be inspired, support bands, have a good time.

Words by Steve Howe and Andy Murray

Thanks to Curtis at Dewar PR for arranging this interview. Thanks to Andy for doing this interview.

The Secret’s Out will be available to buy from Sept 6th 2019.


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