Tuesday 20 August 2019

DÖ - Astral Death Cult (Album Review)

Release date: September 20th 2019. Label: Lay Bare Recordings / Mercyful Tapes. Format: Cassette Tape/DD/Vinyl

Astral Death Cult  – Tracklisting

Drifting (In Methane Ocean)
Cosmic Communion
Planet Eater
Beyond the Cosmic Horizon


Big Dog (Guitar)
Deaf Hank (Vox & Bass)
Joe E. Deliverance ('E' stands for 'Epic') (Drums & Vox)


Greetings All,

It is always exciting to check out a new album that really and truly blows you away. With Astral Death Cult, Finnish titans DÖ have done just that. The band has a wickedly amazing style that is extremely hard to explain, so I’ll just let their bio do it for me; DÖ is riff'n'fuzz praising, cosmic forces worshipping cult. Their musical style is called "Döömer", a genuine combination of stoner, doom, psych, sludge with death/black metal twists here and there. That is a pretty damn accurate explanation on what Astral Death Cult delivers over the course of it’s six devastating tracks. If you are a fan of any or all of the sub genres of the heavy listed, DÖ is worth the time to check out.

The album opens with an interstellar distress signal coming in from God knows where on Intergalacticlude before exploding with feedback, fuzzed out bass and monstrous drums bringing ominously mysterious vocals. The fuzzed out heaviness continues with Atmosfear and it’s black metal sounding vocals. Massive drums and a sick bass line open the epic track Drifting (In Methane Ocean) an over 9 minute opus with unsettlingly detached vocals and dissonance that give way to unbridled heaviness. The track is a dark journey into the darkest recesses of space or the mind.

The most straightforward rock track of the record is brought to you in Cosmic Communion, with it’s immense driving bass riff and onslaught of riffs and drums it sets the table for the massive Planet Eater. This track is pure heaviness that opens with walls of noise and intense guitar strangulation over this beast that breaks down into a breakneck blackened/punk metal breakdown that almost guarantees whiplash to the listener.

The record is driven home with more blackened intensity on Beyond the Cosmic Horizon. The band unleashes the metal onslaught before breaking down into the dissonant sound of the interstellar distress signal that introduced us to this monster.

With Astral Death Cult, DÖ has brought themselves to the forefront of all that is heavy. This album could very well be a contender for record of the year. It is that good and deserves a listen from any and all that worship at the altar of the riff. I for one am joining the cult. Pass the kool aid, I am down. Let’s all dig on this intense beast. All hail the Astral Death Cult!

- Todd S - Instagram @alltheghoststhathauntyou

Words by Todd Stealey

Thanks to Warren at Plug Music Agency for the promo.

The album is being released on Vinyl by Lay Bare Recordings on September 20th 2019

The album is also being released on Cassette Tape via Mercyful Tapes on September 20th 2019


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