Saturday 10 August 2019

Desert Records Announce WOMEN OF DOOM


The Lowdown

In a music universe dominated by male artists and egos, female musicians have been creating powerful heaviness and kicking ass since the dawn of the amplified riff.

Women of Doom is an album of all-new music and original songs from some of the best artists in heavy music today to recognize and celebrate the impact of women on all things heavy.

Great music is great music, and while there probably shouldn’t be a distinction between male and female musicians, we know there is one. That’s why it’s important to highlight and recognize the badass women whose creativity and heaviness have been blowing our minds and our speakers for years.

Women of Doom is a collaborative album presented on limited edition vinyl, CD, and digital formats in an array of exclusive collectors’ packages, featuring new, original songs from artists like:
  • Sarah Pendleton and Kim Cordray of SubRosa/Avarice/The Otolith
  • Alexis Hollada of Doomstress
  • Gwyn Strang of Frayle
  • And many more to be revealed soon!
To be clear, this album isn't about sexualizing women in metal - that would be an insult to our own values and the artists involved.

Heavy music is a powerful force, and some of our favorite heavy musicians are women, so what better time than now for an album dedicated to the talent and strength of these phenomenal artists?!?

That's why Women of Doom is about bringing new music into the world by artists we admire, and focusing on the inspiration they create. Women inspiring women. Women inspiring everyone.

Our ultimate hope is that listeners are inspired to pick up instruments, start bands, write songs, and carry the torch of heavy rock into the future.