Monday 31 May 2021

Part Chimp - Drool (Album Review)

Release date: June 04th 2021. Label: Wrong Speed Records (UK) / Learning Curve (US). Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Drool – Tracklisting

1. Back From The Dead
2. Wallow
3. One In The Eye
4. Clever
5. I Feel Fantastic
6. Drool
7. Up, With Notes
8. No Sad Faces
9. Dirty Birdy
10. It’s True Man
11. USisA
12. Worms


Tim Cedar - vocals, guitar
Jon Hamilton - drums
Iain Hinchliffe - guitar
Robin Freeman - bass
Joe McLaughlin – bass

Timothy Farthing – vocals on “It’s True Man (Acid Christmas)”


Part Chimp have been one of the unsung heroes of the UK Sludge/Noise Rock scene since 2000 and have released an impressive back catalogue within that time-frame. The band did split back in 2011 but gloriously came back in 2016 and have released two great album since then with 2017’s IV and 2018’s Cheap Thriller. Fast forward 3 years later and the guys are back with Drool.

Drool sees the band continue their heavy style of Noise Rock/Punk Rock influenced journey into Sludge Metal territory with catchy hooks and bleak grooves when you first hear the excellent opening song – Back From The Dead. A twisted dark tale that will appeal to fans of TAD, TORCHE and The Melvins.

There’s a reason why Part Chimp have been around as long as they have and that’s their thrilling vocals and lyrics which makes the band NATURAL BORN STORYTELLERS. Each song has on the album has an interesting premise that makes the song that ever more “threatening” and “outlandish” in all the right places. Heavy Sludge Rock is married perfectly with Psychedelic Noise Rock and twisted slabs of Grunge.

Drool is perhaps Part Chimp’s most consistently engaging and entertaining album to date. There are some cool memorable Indie-Pop sounds amongst the madness of it all. The album contains 12 songs and it maybe too OTT in places but it’s never boring with Part Chimp at least trying so many different things on the majority of the songs.

Songs such as: Wallow, One In The Eye, Clever, Drool, USisA and Worms are the best tracks on the record as this is where Part Chimp play the heaviest parts of the album. The Psychedelic Nature of this album is another highlight as the album moves into unexpected areas of weirdness and heaviness that we haven’t heard from the band in such a long time.

Boosted by first-rate productions values as well, Drool is one of the best sounding records Part Chimp have released to date but still keeping an edgy atmosphere to everything you hear on the record.

Drool is another outstanding album from Part Chimp and no doubt will keep their established fan-base happy and maybe bring some new admirers along for this trippy and violent wild-ride.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Daniel at CZ Promotions for the promo.

Drool will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Wrong Speed Records (UK) / Learning Curve (US) from June 04th 2021.


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