Tuesday 3 May 2022

Ceased Sunfire - Sleepless (EP Review)

Release Date: April 08th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Sleepless - Tracklisting

1.Were We Ever... 02:10

2.Dead to Me 05:24

3.Melting Stones 03:15


Ale - vocals, guitars

Fellu - bass

Juza - drums


Sleepless is the new EP from Finnish Doom/Stoner Metallers Ceased Sunfire. The EP lasts a little over ten minutes in length but it’s quite an aggressive style of music with violent vocals to match. They're clean but there’s a lot of anger behind them which you can feel from the stunning opening track “Were We Ever…” which has a twinge of Phil Anselmo behind them. 

The music moves from Doom Metal, Sludge Metal and Stoner Metal with some NOLA grooves to make the music even more uncomfortable. Perhaps reminiscent of DOWN and CROWBAR with a dark Psych undergroove allowing Ceased Sunfire to keep up with their violent aggressive grooves that are quite daring in all the right places.

The standout track is the second song Dead To Me with the band adding a menacing touch with their NOLA fused sounds. The music moves along a cracking slow-to-mid pace which is quite gloomy and distorted towards the later stages of the song. 

The final song Melting Stones is another cool song. The song follows the same creative dark path as the previous two songs but when you’ve already conjured up a winning formula why change direction. The song is more fast-paced with Ceased Sunfire living more upto their Doom/Sludge Metal persona which ultimately leaves you wanting more.

Sleepless is a great EP from Ceased Sunfire. Shame there weren't a couple more tracks to spend more time with the band but I do want to hear more from these guys and I’m hoping for a longer release in the not too distant future. 

Fantastic stuff…

Words by Steve Howe


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