Thursday 9 June 2022

White Fuzzy Bloodbath - Medicine (Album Review)

Release Date: June 11th 2022. Record Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Medicine - Tracklisting



Beep-Bop Lives




Chaos Creator




Elise Tarens - Bass/Vocals

Jeff Hurley - Drums/Vocals

Alex Bruno - Guitar/Vocals


Medicine is the second album from Stoner Rock Power Trio White Fuzzy Bloodbath (WFB). A great name that offers a cool indication on what to expect on this album. WFB impressed me last year when they released the title track from 2021's Live EP.  The band play a rebellious and outlaw style of Fuzz Rock, Stoner Rock and Doom Rock. 

WFB bring their thunderous Street Cred to the Stoner Rock underground whilst employing a seedy Stoner based vibe. Gloomy lyrics are the main order of play throughout the album but that's offset by a KICK-ASS Hard Rock approach with Lead Vocalist Elise being a "BALLSY" approach to her great vocals. Though, Alex and Jeff provide superb vocals on the album as well.

Opening song iNtro is a great slice of instrumental based Garage Rock and Stoner Rock sounds with a caustic Doom Rock atmosphere being laid down on the track. It's played at a slow pace but there's a nice sideline in Psych Rock aggression.

Second song Monster is where WFB opens with a Blues Rock sound that expands into heavier areas of Hard Rock. Elise vocals are enchanting with a soulful presence but one with a rebellious twinge as well. The grooves flirt between Classic Hard Rock and a more threatening Stoner based sound. The song also has a very cool stop/start approach. The lyrics remain firmly in the "gloomy" side of life with a dark FUZZ ROCK overdrive allowing WFB the power to play faster riffs. The song can be quite Proggy without the need of calling it Prog Rock. As there's some epic instrumental moments that allow WFB to reign supreme in the riffs department.

Third song Beep-Bop Lives is another despairing take of Garage based Doom Rock with sinister Blues Rock motives. Elise reminds me of Yeah Yeah Yeah's lead vocalist Karen O on this track. As this is a dark and bewitching performance with a huge SABBATH inspired sound being played to great effect. Throw in a few cool glitches and twisted sound effects, then WFB brings a more rebellious and dare I say creepy feeling to the album. All adds up for one of the album's standout tracks.

Fourth song Still has a Motorhead style energy with WFB's Speed Punk take on Thrash based Stoner Rock. Things slow down quite quickly to give the Psychedelic sounds of this album to fully take control for a few moments. Occult Rock inspired vocal performances and lyrics work quite well with the more direct and fast-paced riffs that appear on this song. Watch out for the deadly shrieks of DOOM coming from Elise on this song. Highly unexpected. 

The second half of the album sees WFB impress further on the Heavy Blues/Garage Rock inspired Dirty with a lovely dark majestic "Alt Rock" and "POP" influences that soon move away to that seedier style of Fuzz/Stoner Rock with "Streetwise" attitude and Faith No More inspired backup vocals. 

Other standout tracks on the album are: Chaos Creator and Medicine. Both tracks see WFB operate with an experimental sound where it's most definitely PUNK ROCK attitude with free-flowing heavy styles of Doomed Out Stoner Rock. Watch out for the short outbursts of aggressive Thrash based energy of Chaos Creator. The atmospherics and sounds can be quite intense but it's hard not to be swept by the whole rebellious attitude of the band and the special guest appearances of that song.

The major surprise from WFB is the stunning cover of Beastie Boys classic Sabotage. This song wisely stays away from the original version and does it's own thing with WFB playing their own unique style. Aggressive outbursts with a Manic Personality set within the Garage, Stoner and Punk Rock fields. A great way to end the album even with this being a cover. 

Medicine is an aggressive and unexpected delight. I expected the album to be good but I didn't expect the album to be GREAT. With a phenomenal and ferocious vocal performance from Elise who has brilliant support from Alex and Jeff. White Fuzzy Bloodbath are on the right path to Stoner Rock greatness. They're not there  yet but Medicine brings them one step closer to that level.

With fantastically modern production values that also has a mighty fine vintage sound of its own. White Fuzzy Bloodbath have released a dark twisted vision within the Stoner Rock Underground.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to the band for the promo.

Medicine will be available to buy on DD from June 11th 2022.


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