Thursday, 30 July 2015

Doomed & Stoned's Second Anniversary Compilation - The Enchanter's Ball

Release date: July 14th 2015. Label: Self Released. Formats: DD (Compilation)

The Enchanter's Ball by Doomed & Stoned: Tracklisting

1.Bolivar Cola - The Beast Pt. 1 07:24
2.Bronco - Hazy Lies 04:57
3.Brume - Mother Earth 05:18
4.Cosmic Eve - The Ice Mistress 05:16
5.Cruces - Desperate People 06:30
6.Cruthu - S.O.S. 05:10
7.Dead Temple - Sisterhood of the Snake 04:11
8.Edge of Paradise - Children Of The Sea (Black Sabbath) 05:39
9.Inuka - Sacrifice 04:48
10.Kerouac's Sack - Evil Dirty Woman 03:50
11.Limb To Limb - Demon Waltz 03:57
12.Lumo Portanto - The Devil Inside 05:14
13.Mane of the Cur - Foolish Are Magic 03:56
14.Misty Grey - Woman In Black 06:10
15.Mother Mooch - Into The Water 04:33
16.Project Armageddon - Frigid Bitch 05:26
17.Psychedelic Witchcraft - Angela 04:57
18.Psychic Dose - The Clock Strikes Madness 06:48
19.Sisters Ov The Blackmoon - Haunt 03:59
20.Sky Valley Mistress - She Is So 06:00
21.Spiral Skies - The Wizard's Ball 05:24
22.Stars That Move - The Hidden Hand 03:29
23.Stereo Siberia - Open Your Mouth Babe 03:52
24.The Great Sadness - WORDS 03:38
25.The Mother Morphine - Black Rose 06:26
26.The Sabbathian - Ancient's Curse 06:45
27.Walruss - Pipa 04:59
28.White Coven - Sedative 06:46
29.Winter Moon - Black Heart 08:43
30.Wucan - Franis Vikarma 05:36
31.Stoned Wolf - Bad Trip (bonus track) 06:04
32.Whisky Fyre - Punishment (bonus track) 04:27


A lot of you will know the existence of one of my fave metal blogs – Doomed & Stoned. I consider these guys family and good friends of mine. Billy, Melissa and the rest of the Doomed & Stoned crew have been promoting the world of Doom, Sludge, Stoner, Post-Metal and everything in between for two years now. And to celebrate that anniversary, Billy Goate has put together this amazing compilation which focuses on female fronted Doom/Psych/Stoner Metal bands. As there's been too many great ones to mention. Kudos to Paul Rote (Doomed & Stoned team member) who researched and contacted the bands who appear on this compilation. It's heavy as hell from start to finish.

Billy's description from his BandCamp Page will give you more info on what to expect:

Doomed & Stoned's Second Anniversary Compilation stays faithful to our focus on bringing talented underground heavy bands in the Sabbath tradition to the attention of fans of doom metal and stoner/psychedelic rock. We've noticed a marked increase in the number of female fronted bands over the past several years. 'The Enchanter's Ball' features a global merry-go-round of these groups, each with their own unique and remarkable style. 30 bands, 30 unforgettable tracks. Thank you for being a part of our success over the past two years! (Billy Goate - Founder & Editor-in-Chief)”

The Enchanter's Ball is one tripped out and heavy as fuck extravaganza. It's got too many great bands to mention. Though my personal faves are BRUME, Sky Valley Mistress, Project Armageddon and the amazing Cruces.

I could do a more in-depth review. But I don't need to. Doomed & Stoned have put out some great compilations in the past couple of years but I have to say this is the best edition yet. Mainly because this edition features a wide range of bands across the Doom/Sludge/Stoner Rock spectrum never mind the globe.

So do yourself a favour check out this compilation now and be amazed by the calibre of bands currently out there. As you've probably never heard of a few them. I know I haven't....

When you've finished checking out the other download compilations on Doomed & Stoned BandCamp Page, head-over to their website and Facebook Page and say I sent you. They'll be happy to see you as these mofos are one of the best blogs around. Check it out.

Words by Steve Howe