Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Carousel - 2113 (Review)

Release date: Aug 28th 2015. Label: Tee Pee Records. Formats: CD/DD/Vinyl

2113: Tracklisting

1. Trouble
2. Photograph
3. Buried Alive in Your Arms
4. Jim’s Song
5. Highway Strut
6. Strange Revelation
7. Man Like Me
8. 2113
9. Turn To Stone (Joe Walsh Cover)

Band Members:

Dave Wheeler - Guitar & Vocals
Matt Goldsborough - Guitar
Jake Leger - Drums
Jim Wilson - Bass


I first heard Carousel back in late 2013 on Bandcamp. They had a 4 track EP "Tears of Stone" available and when I first heard that 12 and a half minute title track, it knocked me off my stilettos! Not only did I love their sound, the vocalist got my attention, I loved his voice. He belts it out with confidence and that perfect mix of 70's blues rock dude, screaming rock god of the 80's plus the grunge of the 90's, and a lot of laid back sexy stoner attitude. With just one listen I got a sense these guys were looking to create music that was reminiscent of the rockin' guitar bands of the 70's like Thin Lizzy, Van Halen, James Gang or Steve Miller Band to name a few. That kind of music is right down my alley, so I went to find out more about this band and found out they had a full length called "Jewelers Daughter" which was released August 20th 2013 which I quickly picked up on Amazon. No disappoint there either.....just down right sexy, with punk attitude. But the main focus was the heavy driving sweet ass guitar work and why not? It is superb.

So now it's two years later and here comes "2113" and they're even more polished and more creative than ever. You can feel and hear the musicianship in every song. This is a great album and I think it will still be on my mind at the end of the year when all of us music people put together year end lists to announce the biggest & best of 2015. What does this album have to give it one of those coveted spots we all hold so sacred you ask? Well there are a lot of things I love about this album, but mostly it's the guitars, yeah guitars (plural) two of them! and wow, do they harmonize so well together. The band is obviously using the experience Goldborough brings to the mix with stand out guitar harmonies and dynamic solos in tracks like "Trouble" and the killer title track "2113" which is a super cool anthem type track that has some very slick guitar licks closing it out.

The album "2113" has a irresistible sound that begs you to shake something, tap your foot, bang your head to. It's the perfect album for impressing your girlfriend. You guys out there can show us girls just how good you are with that air guitar....or how bad ass you are on that drum kit you just made up from pencils on your coffee table.

Speaking of drums....anytime I write about or tell someone about a new album I've heard, I always want to mention the rhythm section because I feel the bass & drums don't always get the credit where credit is due. These guys have it wrapped tightly together and show off just how good they are on the track titled "Photograph" - with it complex, impressive drum fills and thumping bass which makes it one of my favorites for sure. Another one I can't get enough of is "Strange Revelation" which is more of a ballad with its slow tempo and absolutely beautiful vocals by Wheeler on this one. They're raw with lots of emotion, and may be my favorite because of that, I'm always a sucker for them epic, ballad type tracks.

Some of the other tracks I want to mention are "Buried Alive In Your Arms" which is a upbeat number that I find myself singing the melody to once in a while, it definitely has some catchy lyrics. Another catchy track "Highway Strut" reminded me of a James Gang, or Steve Miller song and I even heard some cowbell in that one...yup...I heard cowbell in there. This song is fun, it made we want to be at a party, hanging out with friends, playing pool, or in a bar listening to Carousel play live! Bottom line, I love this album, its a must have that needs to be played over & over again. I can't fault it, not one bit. These guys have it going on and I think they have produced a super duper album that really shows us what they're capable of.

Words by Soshanna

Thanks to Carl at Action PR for the promo. 2113 will be available to buy from Tee Pee Records from August 28th 2015 on CD/DD/Vinyl.