Thursday, 30 July 2015

WIHT - Edgar The Atheling (Review)

Release date: July 06th 2015. Label: Self Released. Formats: DD

Edgar the Atheling: Tracklisting

1.Edgar the Atheling

Band Members:

Joe Hall - Bass
Chris Wayper - Guitar
Rick Contini - Drums


Seminal UK Doom/Psychedelic/Stoner Rock collective WIHT split up back in 2012. I've been a huge fan of these guys since they started. I've promoted them and interviewed these guys on the old blog in the past. If you haven't heard of WIHT then you're seriously missing out. As WIHT play epic progressive Doom, Stoner, Post-Rock, Post-Metal and Desert Rock kind of sound.

I was stunned in early July when I found out these guys were back together and they released this fantastic 17 minute plus epic called Edgar The Atheling. A tripped out musical odyssey where WIHT venture as many different musical realms as possible. Imagine Pelican jamming with Karma To Burn or Sons Of Alpha Centauri with a healthy sideline of Doom.

This song is EPIC as it comes as WIHT play through a whirlwind of psychedelic emotions that will have you wondering where will the song will take you next. It's possibly WIHT's heaviest material they've recorded to date and possibly their most experimental as the Post-Rock Ambient sounds add a sense of mystery especially around the 10 minute mark. WIHT go very quiet for a few minutes before Rick's heavy and intricate drumming add a real sense of purpose.

Edgar The Atheling is cinematic on a grand epic scale. It's heavy style of subtle post-rock/post-metal riffs against the heavier doom/stoner psyched out jams. Oh yeah, WIHT are certainly back and what a track to announce your comeback with. Edgar The Aethling is an intelligent and thought provoking slice of modern day Post-Metal/Stoner Metal riffs to lose yourself in. Damn good to have you back guys. Bring on the next record. Until then, this track is a must-have release.

You can download Edgar The Atheling from BandCamp now. Don't miss out.

Words by Steve Howe