Tuesday 1 December 2015

Major Kong - Galactic Cannibalism (EP Review)

Release date: November 30th 2015. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Galactic Cannibalism – Tracklisting

1.Supercluster 06:17
2.Diabolic Mind Control 04:42
3.Morlock 05:34
4.Magnetar 08:22

Band Members:

Domel - bass
Misiek - guitar
Bolek - drums


One of Poland's finest Stoner Rock/Metal bands – Major Kong – return with their stunning new EP – Galactic Cannibalism. Major Kong have been releasing a string of acclaimed releases over the last 5 years now and Galactic Cannibalism is no different.

Major Kong offer 4 instrumental tracks of finely tuned Doom/Stoner Metal songs packed full of too many great riffs to mention. You should all know who Major Kong are, if you don't get with the program and check out the superb opening track – Supercluster. A sprawling psych based monster that will have you hooked with is continuous use of creepy doomy distorted violent riffs.

Second track – Diabolic Mind Control – sees Major Kong create a song drenched in loud reverb and feedback for perhaps the EP's standout track. It's deliberately slow-paced but that gives Major Kong the edge in creating an unsettling atmosphere of doom and gloom atmospherics.

Third track – Marlock – continues with the seedy stoner metal torture as the riffs are down-tuned all the way to hell. Play this one LOUD and embrace the darkness as Major Kong prove why they are one of Poland's finest Stoner Rock/Metal bands. It's a very bass-heavy affair with the guitars stripped back and playing in the background though the band return to their familiar set sound for the final few minutes or so.

The final song – Magnetar – is from their recent vinyl split with fellow Polish Stoners – Dopelord. It's another fine creepy offering from Major Kong as they offer more intense down-tuned doomy riffs to survive from. Major Kong show their psychedelic side on this song as they unleash some impressive guitar solos to end the EP on an almighty high.

Major Kong have released another great record with Galactic Cannibalism. Sure it doesn't change from their already winning sound though it does show the world that these guys are one of the best Instrumental Doom/Stoner Metal bands currently out there.

Galactic Cannibalism is available on to buy on DD and CD here.

Words by Steve Howe


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