Tuesday 1 December 2015

Wounded Cross - Bonecrusher (EP Review)

Release date: December 05th 2015. Label: Blackened Death Records. Format: DD

Bonecrusher– Tracklisting


Band Members:

Tommy – Guitars
Ian – Bass
Paul – Drums
Graham – Vocals


Wounded Cross is a Traditional Heavy Metal/Doom Metal Band from Rugby, UK who are about to release their superb debut EP – Bonecrusher. Wounded Cross take influence from a wide range of legendary metal bands such as Saint Vitus and Black Sabbath. Their debut EP – Bonecrusher – offers 3 songs running for a total of 12 minutes or so. If you're a fan of 70s/80s Heavy Metal tinged with Classic Doom then this is the EP for you.

Opening track – Biocentrism – is a fast-paced doom-laiden heavy metal affair with the band showing their love of music considered the golden age of metal. Wounded Cross bring their music bang-up-to-date with a few clever Doom Metal riffs and the twin guitars will have fans of Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden lapping this up like there's no tomorrow. Graham's vocals are lively through out though don't go expecting highly polished vocals as that isn't Graham's or the bands style. This is pure in-your-face HEAVY METAL.

Second track – Bonecrusher – is a bluesy take on Wounded Cross sound with the band opting for a more laid-back approach but it's still an exciting take on all things Doom/Heavy Metal. The guitars are played at a frantic pace aided by some superb bass playing by Ian who lays down a funky riff from time to time. Graham's vocals once again get the job done as he relishes being a hell-raising frontman of this highly talented band.

The final track – Ashes – sees Wounded Cross in a more reflective mood with music giving way more to Blues Rock, Classic Rock and a twinge of Psychedelia. It isn't too long before the band return to the world of classic Heavy Metal to give Ashes a thumping atmosphere it richly deserves. Graham's vocals are not as strong on this song compared to the other tracks but it's good to hear Graham trying something different.

The production is good through out the EP though there are a few moments where you expect the guitars to be slightly heavier. Apart from that minor complaint, Wounded Cross have created a superb and well rounded EP that should hopefully gain them some notice within the Heavy Metal/Doom Metal circles. The signs are promising for Wounded Cross that they have the potential to release a great album in the future. I'll be watching these guys with great interest.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Graham for the promo. Bonecrusher will be available to buy on DD from December 5th 2015 via Blackened Death Records.