Tuesday 8 December 2015

Hercules Morse - Edge Of Life (EP Review)

Release date: December 04th 2015. Label: Self Released. Format: CD/DD

Edge Of Life – Tracklisting

1.The Education 03:22
2.Edge Of Life 04:49
3.Good Old Days 03:30
4.All About Me 04:28
5.Nowhere Left To Go 03:49
6.How Do You Love Me? 05:18

Band Members:

Steve George - Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals
Harry Gardner - Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals
Paul Shott - Bass
Guillaume "Gizmo" Redonnet-Brown - Drums


Hercules Morse is a band starting to win some major praise within the UK Hard Rock/Metal scene for their blend of Classic Rock, Desert Rock and Stoner Rock sounds. They've been compared to QOTSA and Foo Fighters. Though there's more to Hercules Morse sound as their debut EP – Edge Of Life – is a stunning EP from start to finish.

Opening track – The Education – sees Hercules Morse play a mix of Classic Rock fused with Desert Rock/Stoner Rock riffs that sounds like a musical history lesson being played for your own pleasure. If you're a fan of 70s Classic Rock then you're in luck as the band match it with the more modern Desert/Stoner Rock vibes for one superb hard-rocking song with a great sing-along chorus.

Second track -Edge Of Life – is where Hercules Morse start to experiment with their sound as they blend anthemic indie rock vocals with Thin Lizzy style dual guitars. The biggest surprise for me on this track is when the band venture into ELO territory with their use of 70s based sounds. You'll understand when you hear the song in full.

Third track – Good Old Days – is more indie rock than Stoner but to be fair the band do include some impressive Stoner riffs towards the end of the song. Though some people will be swayed by the Punk based beats lurking in the background. If you're a fan of UK Rockers -Feeder – you will find much to enjoy here.

Fourth track – All About Me – sees Hercules Morse venture into darker territories with a dark slice of Stoner Rock. It starts off rather slowly but the fast-paced riffs soon appear and add a more haunting psychedelic edge. This is perhaps the standout track on the EP.

Fifth track – Nowhere Left To Go – is another Stoner Rock driven number with the band finally start to create their own sound. It's an exciting track with lead vocalist – Steve – impressing once again.

Sixth track – How Do You Love Me? - is the final song and it has a few subtle nods to Led Zepplin. Fans of 70s Classic Hard Rock will be in their element on this song and the Stoner fans will just enjoy the whole atmosphere of it all.

Hercules Moses are definitely worth your time as they've created one superb EP you can listen to over and over again. It doesn't matter what type of music you're into, check these guys out now as you will pleasantly be surprised. Excellent and Highly Recommended.

Words by Steve Howe


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