Sunday 10 April 2016

BOUDAIN - Way Of The Hoof (Album Review)

Release date: April 20th 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Way Of The Hoof – Tracklisting

1.Sleazy Feats
4.3 Man
5.First Class
6.The Mighty Turn Around
7.Disco Jimmy

Band Members:

Brian Lenard- Guitars/Vocals
Chris Porter- Bass/Vocals
David Karakash- Guitars
Stephen Jester- Drums


Boudain’s debut album – Way Of The Hoof – will appeal to fans of Kyuss, Clutch and Fu Manchu. The album is played at such at a fast pace that the time just flies by. You’re not bored for a single second. This is an album that will entertain even the most jaded of Stoner Rock/Metal fan.

The vocals are very cool through out as Brian and Chris both sing with an almighty confident roar. The riffs drift from Desert/Psych Rock grooves to the harsher Stoner Metal riffs. The lyrics are superbly written and will have you singing out loud from time to time especially on songs such as Neptune, Coda, First Class and Disco Jimmy.

Boudain start to create their own identity when they inject some heavier spaced out riffs into their music. Third track – Coda – is a prime example of this as Boudain creates as one of the albums standout tracks. The vocals add a real hard rock edge to proceedings that you can’t but help rocking out to. The production of the album is top-notch through out as the sound is loud and crisp.

One of the most fun aspects about this album is their cover of Blue Oyster Cult classic – Godzilla. Sure they could have went with the more well known – Don’t Fear The Reaper. Everyone has done that song to death recently. Boudain’s cover of Godzilla doesn’t stray to far from the original but the song feels very much at home on the album. As the heavy spaced out riffs draw this album to a close.

Boudain aren’t going to change the world of Stoner Rock/Metal but that hasn’t stopped them releasing an album that you’ll be listening to for a long time to come. My final thoughts on Boudain’s debut album are that Way Of The Hoof is a brilliantly entertaining album from start to finish.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Clawhammer PR for the promo. Way Of The Hoof will be available to buy from April 20th 2016.