Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Elevators To The Grateful Sky - Cape Yawn (Album Review)

Release date: March 11th 2016. Label: HeviSike Records. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Cape Yawn – Tracklisting

1.Ground 03:21
2.Bullet Words 03:00
3.All About Chemistry 03:21
4.Dreams Come Through 03:56
5.A Mal Tiempo Buena Cara 03:48
6.Kaiser Quartz 04:00
7.I, Wheel 03:32
8.Mongerbino 03:23
9.Cape Yawn 06:18
10.We're Nothing At All 03:49
11.Laura (One for Mark Sandman) 01:07
12.Mountain Ship 05:03
13.Unwind 02:29

Band Members:

Sandro di Girolamo - vocals and percussion
Giorgio Trombino - guitars, bass, alto saxophone, congas, keyboards, alternate lead vocals
Giuseppe Ferrara - rhythm guitars
Giulio Scavuzzo - drums, darbouka, tambourine, percussion and alternate lead vocals


Where have I been so long with Elevators To The Grateful Sky. Their new album – Cape Yawn – takes everything I love about Psychedelic Stoner Rock and gives it a much needed makeover. Imagine Monster Magnet with the added groove of early QOTSA and you’ll end up somewhere close to Cape Yawn. Though Elevators To The Grateful Sky are no mere copycats, this is a band in control of their destiny and forging a great sound of their own.

Newly signed to ace UK Label – Hevisike Records. The band have written a batch of stunning psychedelic songs that will have you hooked from the very first listen. The vocals have the right amount of swagger and confidence that will have fans of Dave Wyndorf and Josh Homme foaming at the mouth. The soulful blues rock inspired vocals on tracks such as: All About Chemistry, Dreams Come True, A Mal Tiempo Buena Cara, Cape Yawn and Mountain Ship add a classic hard rock vibe. The band is highly influenced 70s Classic Rock to the more modern Psych/Stoner Rock scene. The band even add heavy moments of Sludge Rock to wake you from your peaceful slumber in case you lose yourself within the dreamlike psych based riffs.

The production is superb as the album has a fresh vibrant sound. Some people may complain that the album is quite excessive at thirteen tracks but I say more the merrier. As you will enjoy every thrilling second of Cape Yawn. This is an album that we will be talking about in years to come. Don’t delay, buy this album now as Cape Yawn has it all. Miss this and miss out.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Richard at Sheltered Life PR and Jay at Hevisike Records for the promo. Cape Yawn is available to buy from Hevisike Records and Elevators To The Grateful Sky BandCamp page.