Sunday 17 April 2016

Seven Hundredth Unicorn - Ruins Of Hope (Album Review)

Release date: 06th May 2016. Label: Self Released. Format: DD

Ruins Of Hope – Tracklisting

Our Worlds Collide
Hear No Evil, See No Evil
Time Waits For No One
Jesus Was My Age, When He Got Nailed
Death Of Glory In The Serpent's Eye
Johnny Shit Kicker
Rule Of The Mob
Norman Kalashnikoff
Prey On The Weak

Band Members:

Dave Lyon – Guitars/Vocals
Matt Downes - Drums/Vocals


Steve and myself (Niels) were literally blown away by Seven Hundredth Unicorn's debut album 'Ruins Of Hope'. This is indeed a solid melting pot of all things heavy and metal. Full stop. Riffs aplenty here if you're a fan of all things Doom, Sludge and Stoner Metal with a subtle hint of Hardcore vibes being dropped in with the full power of a Megaton Atomic Bomb.

So, how to describe a mix of varied influences. We hear so many elements from different bands of all eras. 90s, 00s and even from the 70s. Inspirations surely run deep with these young lads. One thing's for certain they know their rock/metal history and are ready to school you.

Best way to put it: If you like heavy aggressive, yet melodic and groovy metal, chances are you will find at least some elements here that will more than just tickle your fancy. Fans of Mastodon, Baroness, Wounded Giant, Isis, Lamb Of God, Norma Jean and even early The Sword might easily be pleased upon laying ears to this strong outing.

The instrumental work is fast, angry, raw, violent and aggressive from the very start. It's hard to believe that this is a two-man band. As their sound feels like it was built by a battalion of legendary musicians. The vocals may seem disjointed at times but they're delivered with passion and sheer ferocity that you shouldn't really expect from a debut album such as this.

Some people may complain that the 63 minute runtime is a bit excessive for a debut album but trust us here at Outlaws Of The Sun, you don't even notice that as the time just flies by. Seven Hundredth Unicorn have created 10 perfectly written Sludge/Stoner Metal songs that the “Relapse Records” crowd will go fucking nuts over. We will even say that Seven Hundredth Unicorn would fit right at home at Relapse Records. If any labels are reading this then sign the band now as these guys have true potential.

Our final thoughts on the album can be described as 'killer', 'rad', 'dope', 'tasty', 'smokin', 'blazing' and just flat out entertaining. Brilliant stuff.

Words by Niels Fuzz Bartholdy and Steve Howe

Thanks to Seven Hundredth Unicorn for the promo. Ruins Of Hope will be available to buy from May 06th 2016. You can read our interview here with the band.