Friday 1 April 2016

Black Rainbows - Stellar Prophecy

Release date: April 15th 2016. Label: Heavy Psych Sounds. Format: CD/DD/Vinyl

Stellar Prophecy – Tracklisting

Golden Widow
Evil Snake
It's Time to Die
Keep the Secret
The Travel

Band Members

Giuseppe Guglielmino - Bass
Alberto Croce - Drums
Gabriele Fiori - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards


Twelve months after their last album Hawkdope was released, Black Rainbows have returned with their fifth album – Stellar Prophecy. Black Rainbows has a new bassist within their ranks. Stellar Prophecy has a more FUZZ driven sound compared to previous albums. You still get the same heavy as hell Stoner/Psych sound but the band has a more distinctive fuzzier sound.

Opening track – Electrify – opens with a fuzzed out heavy riff before the vocals appear. It seems like business as usual for Black Rainbows but the mood turns more psychedelic than ever before. The band is laying the groundwork for the whole tone of the album. It has a slightly different feel to Hawkdope and I feel that’s down to the addition of the new bassist. The sound is heavier and more fuzz based. The lyrics are simply written but who cares when the music is as good as this. Spaced out noises appear out of nowhere as Black Rainbows change into one of the most majestic power trio’s currently out there.

Second track – Woman – is Black Rainbows embracing 70s based Psych/Stoner Rock vibes like never before. Spurred on by a slow-paced psych rock riff and lead vocalist Gabriele revelling in his role that sees him deliver his best vocal performance on the album. Throw in some groovy organ sounds and you have one of the standout tracks on the album. The song becomes heavier and slightly faster as time moves on. It shows Black Rainbows are bursting with new and wild exciting ideas to entertain you with.

Third track – Golden Widow – sees the band opt for a more space rock sound with traces of psychedelic stoned out trance based vibes running through out its epic eleven minute run time. It’s perhaps the song that allows the band to experiment more with their music as it can be very progressive at times. The instrumental work is flawless on this song as Gabriele’s vocals drift in and out at different times. Black Rainbows deserve credit for mixing the different styles of sounds they have at their disposal. Stoner, Psych, Space Rock and Doom all held together by some intense jam-based freak out riffs.

The following three tracks (Evil Snake, It’s Time To Die and Keep The Secret) follows the same direct psych/stoner rock sound on the opening two tracks but Black Rainbows still experiment with their sound by adding different noises to the mix. I would say Keep The Secret is perhaps the most exciting song from that group of songs.

The final song – The Travel – is another epic song lasting almost ten minutes and it ends the album in the most glorious spaced out way possible. Expect huge spaced out riffs as the band slowly builds the atmosphere with slow-paced riffs and trippy vocals. Black Rainbows excel in creating loud and vibrant noises merged with intriguing soundclips.

Stellar Prophecy is another superb album to add to your Black Rainbows collection. The band has changed their sound in so many different ways on this album as they have a more epic feel to their music. Everything about this album oozes class. What more do you expect from one of Italy’s finest Psych/Stoner Metal bands. Stellar Prophecy could be the bands most defining album to date.

Words by Steve Howe

Thanks to Claire at Purple Sage PR for the promo. Stellar Prophecy will be available to buy on CD/DD/Vinyl via Heavy Psych Sounds from April 15th 2016.